110946 students make it to state universities

As many as 110,946 students have done it into 85 opposite state universities opposite a archipelago by a opening exam for state universities (SNMPTN) this year.

The SNMPTN assesses students formed on their news cards, inhabitant examinations, propagandize opening and propagandize opening index, and does not engage any additional testing. The formula were announced on Tuesday dusk around a central website and after on Wednesday morning in a inhabitant newspaper.

The students were comparison by a cabinet out of 586,155 applicants, according to a arch organizer of a 2018 SNMPTN, Ravik Karsidi. Among a students, 28,069 were recipients of Bidikmisi, a state-sponsored grant module that aims to support gifted students confronting financial difficulties.

“The [110,946 students] filled adult during slightest 30 percent of a sum seats accessible in state universities,” he told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

The remaining seats in state universities will be accessible for students holding a Joint Entrance Test for State Universities (SBMPTN), slated for May 8, and eccentric acknowledgment opening tests hosted by particular universities. At slightest 1.4 million students graduated high propagandize this year. 

Following is a list of universities that supposed a many students from a SNMPTN:

University of Brawijaya, East Java (3,341)

University of Haluoleo, Southeast Sulawesi (3,046)

Diponegoro University, Central Java (2,929)

Indonesia University of Education, West Java (2,563)

Padang State University, West Sumatra (2,476)

Hasanuddin University, South Sulawesi (2,466)

Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi (2,374)

Bandung Institute of Technology, West Java (2,359)

Malang State University, East Java (2,356)

University of Jember, East Java (2,325)


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