2017 Ad Spending Reaches IDR145 Tln, Meikarta Becomes a Largest Spender

JAKARTA, NNC – Nielsen Ad Intel information expelled by Nielsen Indonesia showed that a expansion of promotion (ad) spending in 2017 rose 8 percent from a prior year with a value reaching IDR145 trillion.

The expansion of this value is called some-more driven by a boost in a cost of sum rate promotion in any media. Nielsen Ad Intel information also shows a apportionment of ad spending via 2017 is still dominated by a TV media by 80 percent of sum ad spending that grew 12 percent over a prior year. Meanwhile, a apportionment of promotion spending in imitation media shows a downward trend in line with decrease in handling imitation media.

For sectors in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), all sectors available a certain expansion in promotion spending. Ad spending in a personal caring difficulty was a largest, reaching IDR24.9 trillion, adult 21 percent over a prior period.

This is followed by libation difficulty with sum promotion output of IDR21.6 trillion, and food difficulty with sum promotion output of IDR19.1 trillion, going adult 12 percent compared to 2016.

Meanwhile, several sectors that are Non-FMCG also showed certain trends. The many manifest expansion is from a skill zone (62 percent), telecommunications and digital (30 percent) with sum promotion spending via 2017 reaching IDR4.1 trillion and IDR13.3 trillion, respectively.

Throughout 2017, a ranks of a product brands with a top ad output also showed certain growth. Meikarta is listed as a top ad spending code during 2017 with sum promotion spending of some-more than IDR1.5 trillion.

Traveloka placed a second with sum promotion spending reaching IDR1.2 trillion, an boost of 65 percent. The third largest advertiser is Indomie with sum promotion spending of IDR981.5 billion with 25 percent growth.

Meanwhile in fourth place is Vivo Smartphone that was active in promotion compared to 2016 with 577 percent boost to IDR823.5 billion.

“For a skill sector, promotion spending from Meikarta has never been seen before. In addition, a arise of digital business generally e-commerce is still happening, that is seen from a continual boost of announcement activity from e-commerce attention players in required media such as TV,” pronounced Nielsen Indonesia Executive Director, Head of Media Business, Hellen Katherina in a press matter perceived in Jakarta, Monday (2/5/2018).

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