50 stars who filmed cinema in Oklahoma in a final 10 years — Oscar …

More than 50 of Hollywood’s biggest stars have come to Oklahoma to make movies, and some-more are on a way.

In usually a past decade, a collection of some-more than 20 actors who have won or been nominated for Academy Awards have filmed in a state, in further to Emmy-winning performers.

That past decade coincides with a Oklahoma Film Commission’s successful doing of a Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program — though that filmmakers for productions like “August: Osage County” have conceded they would have filmed somewhere else.

When a program’s remission went from 15 percent to charity adult to 37 percent money behind on Oklahoma expenditures to subordinate companies filming in a state, moviemakers took Oklahoma seriously.

While several films have been authorized for destiny filming in a state, cruise this lineup of 50 who have already done film sorcery on Oklahoma soil.

From A to roughly Z, commencement with a span of award-winning brothers.

Ben Affleck: The Oscar-winning filmmaker (“Argo”) and box-office favorite (“Gone Girl”) filmed 2012’s “To a Wonder” in northeastern Oklahoma.

Casey Affleck: The Oscar-winning actor (“Manchester By a Sea”) shot 2010’s “The Killer Inside Me” in Tulsa and other cities.

Jessica Alba: The “Valentine’s Day” thespian seemed in “The Killer Inside Me,” formed on Oklahoma author Jim Thompson’s novel.

Javier Bardem: The “No Country for Old Men” Oscar leader shot “To a Wonder” in mixed towns in Oklahoma, including Bartlesville and Tulsa, with executive Terrence Malick, who lived in Oklahoma as a youth.

Bonnie Bedelia: The “Die Hard” thespian is in “The Scent of Rain Lightning,” from a “Rudderless” filmmakers who shot in state again, including in Guthrie.

Marshall Bell: The Tulsa local and “Total Recall” actor has shot several films in Oklahoma, including “Home, James” and “To a Wonder.”

Gil Birmingham: The “Hell or High Water” co-star seemed in “Te Ata,” a story of a Chickasaw behaving fable filmed by a clan in state.

Abigail Breslin: The “Little Miss Sunshine” star was a youngest performer in a garb of “August: Osage County.”

George Clooney: The Oscar leader motionless to film “August: Osage County” in a healthy environment formed on Tulsan Tracy Letts’ play.

Chris Cooper: The Oscar-winning impression actor (“Adaptation,” “American Beauty”) played Charlie in “August: Osage County.”

James Cromwell: The longtime actor (“Babe”) filmed a 2012 family film “Cowgirls ‘n Angels” in a Guthrie area.

Billy Crudup: The “Almost Famous” actor had a lead purpose in 2014’s “Rudderless” from Oklahoma filmmakers Casey Twenter and Jeff Robison.

Benedict Cumberbatch: The “Doctor Strange” star assimilated “August: Osage County” and shot some scenes in downtown Pawhuska.

Paul Dano: The “Love Mercy” and “There Will Be Blood” actor done his directing entrance final tumble in Enid with a arriving film “Wildlife.”

Laurence Fishburne: The versatile “Matrix” and “black-ish” actor played a music-store owners in “Rudderless” conflicting Anton Yelchin.

Vivica A. Fox: The “Kill Bill” thespian came to Oklahoma for dual 2013 films: “Home Run” and “So This is Christmas,” both of that shot scenes in Tulsa.

Selena Gomez: The bustling cocktail thespian and thespian played a tiny purpose in a music-filled play “Rudderless” with Billy Crudup.

Louis Gossett Jr.: The Oscar-winner (“An Officer and a Gentleman”) came to Tulsa for a purpose in “The Lamp,” formed on Tulsa author Jim Stovall’s book.

Maggie Grace: The thespian from “Taken” and “Lost” appears in a Western play “The Scent of Rain Lightning” with Justin Chatwin.

Graham Greene: The maestro of “Dances With Wolves” and “The Green Mile” filmed “Te Ata” with a Chickasaw Tribe.

Jake Gyllenhaal: The “Nightcrawler” and “Prisoners” star filmed in a Enid area on a arriving play “Wildlife.”

Kate Hudson: The rom-com star filmed a aroused play “The Killer Inside Me” in Oklahoma with Casey Affleck.

Felicity Huffman: The “Desperate Housewives” star filmed scenes underneath a instruction of her husband, William H. Macy, in “Rudderless.”

Milla Jovovich: The “Resident Evil” movement star played a con-artist mom in a 2011 comedy “Bringing Up Bobby,” filmed in Oklahoma City.

Mark Boone Junior: The “Sons of Anarchy” star not usually acted in though also constructed a Tulsa-shot crime film “Let Me Make You a Martyr.”

Chris Kattan: The “Saturday Night Live” maestro shot his 2012 dual-role “twins” comedy “Just Crazy Enough” in Oklahoma City.

Riley Keough: The rising thespian and granddaughter of Elvis Presley filmed 2016’s dim play “American Honey” in a Muskogee area.

Olga Kurylenko: The “Bond girl” (“Quantum of Solace”) played a mother of Ben Affleck’s impression in “To a Wonder,” expelled in 2012.

Shia LaBeouf: The gifted though haphazard actor was speckled all over Muskogee during a filming of “American Honey” in 2015.

Juliette Lewis: The “Cape Fear” star played Karen, one of a sisters, in “August: Osage County.”

William H. Macy: The “Fargo” star done his directorial entrance with a play “Rudderless,” in that his wife, Felicity Huffman, also appeared.

Bailee Madison: The child star (“Bridge to Terabithia”) came to Oklahoma to film “Cowgirls ‘n Angels”; she’s 17 now and flourishing into adult roles.

Taryn Manning: The “Orange is a New Black” star (she plays Pennsatucky) filmed “Heaven’s Rain,” formed on a loyal Oklahoma story.

Marilyn Manson: The stone musician and visit actor came to Tulsa to play a hitman in John Swab’s crime film “Let Me Make You a Martyr.”

Margo Martindale: The three-time Emmy leader (“The Americans”) played a sister of Meryl Streep’s impression in “August: Osage County.”

Rachel McAdams: The star of “The Notebook” and “Spotlight” played a former adore of Ben Affleck’s impression in “To a Wonder.”

Ewan McGregor: The “Moulin Rouge” and “Star Wars” maestro played a father of Julia Robert’s impression in “August: Osage County.”

Maika Monroe: The star of a acclaimed fear film “It Follows” is a lead in a arriving play “The Scent of Rain Lightning.”

Carey Mulligan: The star of “Suffragette” and “The Great Gatsby” plays a associate of Jake Gyllenhaal in a new play “Wildlife,” shot in Enid.

Dermot Mulroney: The “My Best Friend’s Wedding” star took on a dim purpose of Steve in “August: Osage County,” that filmed in a tumble of 2011.

Julianne Nicholson: The co-star of “Black Mass” played sister to Julia Roberts and Juliette Lewis in “August: Osage County.”

Ed Oxenbould: The immature star of films like “The Visit” plays a son of Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan in a Enid-shot “Wildlife.”

Will Patton: The “Remember a Titans” and “Armageddon” actor played tiny roles in “American Honey” and “The Scent of Rain Lightning.”

Bill Pullman: The “Independence Day” star seemed in “Bringing Up Bobby” and “The Killer Inside Me” in Oklahoma.

Eric Roberts: The inclusive actor shot “So This is Christmas” in Tulsa for husband-and-wife filmmakers Richard and Deborah Foster.

Julia Roberts: The Oscar leader warranted her fourth Academy Award assignment for her opening in “August: Osage County.”

Sam Shepard: The actor and playwright took on a brief though critical description of a primogenitor in “August: Osage County.”

Meryl Streep: The three-time Oscar leader perceived her 18th Academy Award assignment for her opening in “August: Osage County.”

Mark Webber: The “Green Room” actor stars in “The Scent of Rain Lightning” that is nonetheless to be released, co-starring Maggie Grace.

Anton Yelchin: The “Star Trek” actor filmed a play “Rudderless” in Oklahoma a integrate of years before his random genocide in 2016.

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