A Celebration Of Ed Sheeran’s Nerdiest Moments

You substantially know Ed Sheeran best for his music. The ginger-haired troubadour scored his initial No. 1 singular this year with “Shape of You,” and it’s been on solid radio revolution all summer. Sheeran’s lane record proves that he can write a assured cocktail strike — a distant cry from a 11-year-old Brit who couldn’t get anyone to join his rope since he was a “nerd with red hair and glasses.”

But Sheeran is still a nerd during heart. Between a Captain America tees, a Game of Thrones cameo, and a Lego obsession, a “Castle on a Hill” thespian has copiousness of nerd cred. Let’s take a demeanour during a inlet of Sheeran’s nerdom, and hey, maybe we’ll even get to see a VMA hopeful welcome his geeky side on a MTV Video Music Awards theatre on Sunday, Aug 27. (Here’s anticipating he can hide his Hobbit sword past security.)

  1. HBO

    We can all appreciate Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody for introducing Sheeran to Game of Thrones behind in 2012 when a “Chasing Cars” thespian had a cameo in a third deteriorate of a HBO epic. Sheeran asked his tour-mate to offshoot him adult with a cameo as well, and even yet it took 5 years, Sheeran done his most talked about entrance in a Season 7 premiere. The cameo was a present to Game of Thrones thespian Maisie Williams, who’s a self-proclaimed Sheerio, so a thespian spent his 60 seconds of shade time as a Lannister infantryman with nothing other than Arya Stark. He even sang a campfire song created by George R.R. Martin.

  2. To be fair, who doesn’t adore Stars Wars? Let me find those people and speak to them. It’s not usually that Sheeran walks around wearing Star Wars t-shirts, holding photos with Stormtroopers, and building Millennium Falcon Lego sets, though he also goes around fortifying Star Wars from ignorant haters who only don’t know any better. He’s one with a Force, and a Force is with him.

  3. If Peter Jackson had given me a sword from a set of a Lord of a Rings movie, I’d substantially move it everywhere with me too, though Sheeran took his mania a small too far, according to his crony and former tour-mate Taylor Swift. “He was spooky with it to a indicate where he would come into my sauce room fluttering it and afterwards only leave,” Swift told MTV News behind in 2013. “Or he’d only get it out on a craft and everybody is like, ‘We don’t know if that’s OK on a plane.”

    “But he’s spooky with things like that,” she continued. “He’s spooky with Legos. He’s spooky with swords, like axes, things like that. It was on a list [on a outing to Nashville] and it started to slide.” So, yeah, Sheeran scarcely impaled Taylor Swift with a sword. He also owns a replica of Longclaw, Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword from Game of Thrones.

  4. Music geeks are still geeks. Back in 2014, Sheeran suggested that he had named all of his furloughed guitars after people in a operative crew. “The one I’m regulating during a impulse is Chris, and he’s a sound engineer,” he told Radio Disney. “And a one before was called Trev, and a one before that was James II since James we was smashed.”

    His other guitars include Keith, Lloyd, Nigel, Cyril, and Felix. What a happy family!

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