AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Best XI so distant in a organisation stages

As a initial turn of a AFF Suzuki Cup organisation stages comes to a close, all teams have played during slightest one compare and they now have a clearer viewpoint of their clear goals if they wish to go distant in a tournament.

We’ve had implausible movement so far, with thumping victories like Thailand’s 7-0 feat over Timor-Leste to tighten battles like a Philippines’ tough 1-0 delight over rivals Singapore.

Incredibly, in a initial 8 matches to be played, nothing have finished in draws that shows usually how critical a Suzuki Cup is for a competing countries.

Of course, with formula like these, there will always be standout players and early in a competition, we take a demeanour during a best XI so distant in a AFF Suzuki Cup.

We’re regulating a customary 4-4-2 arrangement in this case.


HASSAN SUNNY (Singapore)

While there are still 3 teams that have purify sheets, nothing of them were unequivocally uneasy as Thailand cruised past Timor-Leste, Vietnam’s counterclaim had small to do opposite Laos and Singapore’s conflict eventually unsuccessful to unequivocally exam Philippines in their new match.

With that in mind, Hassan Sunny’s dual outings in a AFF Suzuki Cup should be praised as he was considerable in his dual appearances in a foe so far.

In a 1-0 win over Indonesia, Hassan Sunny was assured in his decision-making as he was means to assign off his line when indispensable to assistance stop any counter-attack.

Against a Philippines, he put on another good opening as he finished considerable saves via a game. Unfortunately, a hasten that led to a Azkals’ idea was something Hassan Sunny could not equivocate and it eventually cost them.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Neil Etheridge (Philippines), Sivarak Tedsungnoen (Thailand), Dang Van Lam (Vietnam)


LB – MARTIN STEUBLE (Philippines)

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In their initial diversion of a campaign, there were many doubt outlines on a peculiarity that a Philippines would move on a pitch. They looked good on paper with some famous names though that does not always interpret on a pitch.

However, their vigourous defensive participation was clear as they were means to suppress Singapore during home. Martin Steuble was assured when on defensive duties though was also equally melancholy when he finished his approach on to a aggressive half.

At one point, Steuble had a pleasing cranky that was not converted to a idea though it showed usually how concerned he was in a contest.

With a compare being earthy and straining during times, Steuble looked during home and impressive.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: David Htan (Myanmar), Doan Van Hau (Vietnam), Korakod Wiriyaudomsiri (Thailand)


The AFF Suzuki Cup has been a explanation so distant in a early stages, with teams deliberate as complicated underdogs giving a contenders a few challenges. However, Fachrudin Wahyudi Aryanto of Indonesia and Safuwan Baharudin of Singapore have been plain via their appearances.

Safuwan Baharudin played good in their win over Indonesia as he was in authority in set-pieces and played glorious throughout. Despite a detriment opposite a Philippines, he was still arguably a best actor for Singapore as he was melancholy in both counterclaim and while attacking.

Meanwhile, Fachrudin Wahyudi Aryanto warranted his starting purpose in their second diversion opposite Timor-Leste and put on an considerable performance. Despite surrendering a lead during one point, he remained ease and challenged a startling Timor-Leste squad. He came on as a surrogate in a detriment opposite Singapore though might expected start relocating forward.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Dinh Trong Tran (Vietnam), IRFAN FANDI (Singapore), Hansamu Yama Pranata (Indonesia)


Courtesy of FAS

Another Singapore actor gets selected as Zulqarnaen Suzliman has put on dual plain performances so distant in a AFF Suzuki Cup.

Against Indonesia, he was effective in nullifying a hazard from a wing and thrashed many attempts from their rivals to mountain an conflict from his side. Even his fouling was effective as it was not finished fast and it helped stop any movement a Indonesians seemed to mount.

The same could be pronounced for most of a compare opposite a Philippines as Zulqarnaen Suzliman was vigourous in interlude any intensity conflict and could not do anything to stop a strike that gave a Philippines a win.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Syahmi Safari (Malaysia), Philip Roller (Thailand), David Htan (Myanmar)



Courtesy of Tempo

He was new in their initial AFF Suzuki Cup compare opposite Singapore, though Andik Vermansyah finished certain he did all he could when he was started opposite Timor-Leste.

A finish game, generally in a second half, Timor-Leste could not conduct him when they were ascent a comeback. He supposing a support in a opening idea for Indonesia and afterwards won a chastisement that resulted in them removing a lead in a game.

While him being benefaction in a initial diversion might have altered a game, his opening opposite Timor-Leste might expected outcome in him being a starter in their subsequent contest.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Nguyen Trong Hoang (Vietnam), Mohamadou Sumareh (Malaysia), Muhammad Yasir Hanapi (Singapore)


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In his sole coming so distant in a AFF Suzuki Cup, Hlaing Bo Bo of Myanmar fast displayed his peculiarity by scoring a brace. He was fantastic by a compare and did some-more than usually measure goals. He was pivotal in gripping possession and determining a game’s pace.

While Hlaing Bo Bo scored goals, Sanrawat Dechmitr of Thailand deserves usually as most regard as he was flawless in Thailand’s dismantling of Timor-Leste. He put on a man-of-the-match form of opening though was ignored usually since of 6 goals from a teammate. His assists were pivotal and flitting was exquisite.

Both players were stars in their particular games and resulted in large wins for their nations.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Nguyen Quang Hai (Vietnam), Hariss Harun (Singapore), Manuel Ott (Philippines)


Courtesy of TheThaovanhoa

Getting your name on a measure piece is a good approach to have a good diversion and Nguyen Cong Phuong did accurately that for Vietnam.

He usually indispensable 11 mins to mangle a deadlock with a shot that incited a waves to their foster and a Vietnamese eventually never looked back.

In a 3-0 victory, he was mostly melancholy and their opponents had a tough time presaging what he would do next.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Stephan Schröck (Philippines), Safawi Rasid (Malaysia), Muhammad Yasir Hanapi (Singapore)



Courtesy of The Phuket News

One of a categorical objectives of strikers is to put a round over a screw to measure and that’s accurately what Adisak Kraisorn of Thailand and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha of Malaysia did.

The tip dual scorers of a competition, they have left their opponents out to dry as they dominated a games.

Adisak Kraisorn should be given special discuss as he thrashed Timor-Leste with 6 implausible goals inside one hour! Their opponents could not enclose him as he scored as early as a third minute.

Courtesy of The Star

Meanwhile, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha scored Malaysia’s usually idea in their foe opener though went on to mangle Laos’ hearts with a prop late in a diversion to give them a 3-1 victory.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Patrick Reichelt (Philippines), Supachai Jaided (Thailand), Nguyen Anh Duc (Vietnam)

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