Anton Yelchin Honored By Family, ‘Star Trek’ Co-Stars during Statue Unveiling

Zoe Saldana spoke of her ‘Star Trek’ co-star during a L.A. service, that was also attended by Simon Pegg, J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Lawrence.

A statue of Anton Yelchin was denounced during a use honoring a late actor’s life that was attended by Oscar leader Jennifer Lawrence and several of his collaborators in a Star Trek franchise.

Zoe Saldana spoke of her Star Trek co-star during a use Sunday in Los Angeles, that was also attended by Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg and executive J.J. Abrams. Saldana and other speakers, including Yelchin’s parents, addressed guest subsequent to several cinema of a actor arrangement him as a baby, a immature child and from his film career.

Other luminary guest enclosed actors Emile Hirsch and Jon Voight, and directors Drake Doremus and Jeremy Saulnier.

The bronze statue of Yelchin was denounced during a “Life Celebration” eventuality and is now open for open observation in L.A.’s famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Garden of Legends. It was combined by sculptor Nick Marra and FX artist Greg Nicotero.

A picture of Yelchin combined by fans during a Star Trek gathering was also on arrangement during a service.

Yelchin was killed in Jun 2016 during age 27 when he was pinned by his competition application car after it rolled down a drive of his L.A. home.

See photos from a day below.

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