Anton Yelchin plays a struggling happy son in his final film, ‘We Don’t Belong Here’

Peer Pedersen’s directorial debut, We Don’t Belong Here, tells a story of a conflicted mom acid for her uneasy happy son.

Anton Yelchin, who died suddenly in a automobile collision scarcely one year ago, plays a PTSD-afflicted son, Max, of Nancy Green, played by Catherine Keener.

Keener’s impression doesn’t accept that her son is gay, and admonishes a approach he self-medicates with drugs. She’s forced to reckon with their stretched attribute after Max goes missing, and deeply-kept family secrets start to surface.

Yelchin is best famous for playing Pavel Chekov in 3 Star Trek films.

We Don’t Belong Here, that also facilities Molly Shannon, Carey Elwes and Maya Rudolph, is now accessible on DVD.

Watch a trailer below:

h/t NNN

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