Anton Yelchin Plays Troubled Gay Son In Final Film, "We Don’t Belong Here"

Before his black death final June, Anton Yelchin filmed several roles, a final of that has finally come to DVD: In a indie thriller We Don’t Belong Here, a late actor plays Max, a bipolar happy son of Catherine Keener’s Nancy Green.



Nancy disapproves of both her son’s sexuality and his use of recreational drugs to self-medicate his bipolar condition and PTSD from a automobile accident. When Max goes missing, it prompts revelations of dim family secrets.

“Suddenly we saw myself a approach a universe sees me,” Max tells his sister (Riley Keough). “I’m a crazy, furious loser. we don’t have anything.”

The directorial entrance of writer-producer Peer Pedersen, We Don’t Belong Here co-stars Molly Shannon, Carey Elwes and Maya Rudolph.

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