Anton Yelchin seen in Thoroughbreds trailer, one of a late actor’s …

A new trailer has arrived for Thoroughbreds, a darkly comic story of dual best friends, Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Amanda (Olivia Cooke), who combine to tract to murder Lily’s cruel, violent step-father (Paul Sparks).

The film has been earning raves during festivals, and it binds special eminence as being one of actor Anton Yelchin’s final films.

The footage introduces us to Amanda (who feels nothing) and Lily (who feels everything), as good as showcasing Yelchin’s impression Tim, a untrustworthy impression who helps a girls get their hands on a gun to govern their plot. Previous trailers danced around because recently reconnected amicable wandering Amanda and boarding propagandize tyro Lily would wish a gun, though here it’s transparent clear that it’s dictated for holding down dear aged step-dad.

“The usually thing worse than being amateurish or being unpleasant or being immorality is being indecisive,” says Amanda in a trailer. So equivocate being inconclusive and watch a trailer above.

Thoroughbreds hits theaters on Mar 9, 2018.

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