Are STAR TREK 4 Details Hidden in a Old Animated Series?

J.J. Abrams has said he has no goal of recasting a purpose of Ensign Pavel Chekov after a black and comfortless genocide of Anton Yelchin in 2016, though no one knows accurately how a film will residence a character’s deficiency in Star Trek 4. Will we be told he is alive and operative on another Federation ship, or will audiences learn Chekov has upheld away? And with such an critical pursuit on a Enterprise wanting to be filled, who could be a newest member of a crew? To learn what a destiny of a authorization competence demeanour like we’re going behind to one of a oldest though many ignored TV shows: Star Trek: The Animated Series.

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In a newest part of a array Animation Investigation horde Hector Navarro journeys by a final frontier’s animation adventures for clues about what we competence see from subsequent large shade Trek. Does it tell us how a film will understanding with a detriment of Chekov? Do we already know who will take over his pursuit on a ship? It wouldn’t be a initial time a Kelvin Timeline has found impulse in a ’70s cartoon. (Give us Arex or we mutiny.)

However Star Trek 4 opts to hoop a disappearance of Chekov, we know that Yelchin’s deficiency will indeed be felt in a large way. Perhaps Star Trek: The Animated Series has a few lessons on coping with loss, too.

What impression or events from a aged animation do we wish to see in a new movies? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below.

Featured Image: Paramount

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