Blerim Dzemaili & Erjona Sulejmani: Ugly separate for Euro 2016’s ‘top fan’

Blerim Dzemaili  Erjona Sulejmani

Benjamin Newman

Blerim Dzemaili Erjona Sulejmani

Just over a year ago, Switzerland done new friends during Euro 2016.

Stoke star Xherdan Shaqiri scored a idea of a contest with an extraordinary scissors-kick from outward a box.

Eventually a Swiss were dumped out of a Euros by Poland, as they mislaid a shootout 5-4.

In a stands, Erjona Sulejmani, a mom of Bologna midfielder Blerim Dzemaili, done a large dash too.

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During a summer, Erjona Sulejmani captivated copiousness of courtesy during Euro 2016. She was a constant underline in a crowd as a Swiss went about their business.

After a tournament, Sulejmani, who was innate in Albania, was named by GQ Italy as a “most appealing fan in Europe”.

And now she’s singular again.

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Ugly separate for Euro 2016’s tip couple

Via his lawyer, Blerim Dzemaili has reliable that a integrate have separate adult and are divorcing.

They have a son together.

one of a many pleasing moments of euro2016! #tbt#suissteam#love#dad#allezsuisse pic. By @fotototomarti

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Blerim Dzemaili’s matter on a mangle adult also suggested that he’s told a mom of his kids she can no longer use his final name.

Sulejmani, 29, is a indication and TV celebrity. Moreover, she’s only about to recover a book in that she’s betrothed to “tell all a c**p that’s behind a football world”.

This week a Sun spoke to Sulejmani about her book. She suggested a following:

Players are not penetrating [on sex before matches]. Many select DIY.

I did not dream about marrying a footballer during all. Indeed, we incited them away!


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in adore with Montreal, a nature, a beauty and a special people I’ve met here❤️ #happywife#happylife

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Sunny day in Montreal🌞🌻🌸🌺😎

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