Camera Comparison: OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Whenever OnePlus announced a new phone, it feels like a association stands though foe in whichever cost joint it hits. However, with Xiaomi offered the Mi Mix 2 (review) in India this year, OnePlus has some genuine foe to understanding with.

When we compared a OnePlus 5 (review) to this phone, we found that a latter’s camera bravery was equal in many cases, while Xiaomi did a softened pursuit during low light shots. In a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 (review), a association has softened low light imaging, by adding wider orifice camera sensors. That’s an critical eminence given a dual phones differently compare any other on many other aspects.

Note: Images have been resized for corresponding comparison. You can find full fortitude images in a galleries during a end.

Sample 1:

In tighten adult shots taken in daylight, a dual phones are equally capable. The Mi Mix 2 shot a somewhat crook print here, though with somewhat some-more sound as well. On a other hand, a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 softens a sum a bit, thereby shortening sharpness and sum as well. Yet, a differences are manifest usually when we increase a images and put them side-by-side. The images are matching in terms of tinge correctness and would differently be tough to differentiate. We have to call this one a tie.

OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 (top) vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (bottom)

100% crop, OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 left, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 right

Sample 2: 

In this image, clicked indoors though in healthy light, a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 renders a warmer picture than a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999. Yet, a OnePlus 5T’s picture rests on a cooler finish of a spectrum, definition conjunction picture is quite loyal to a source. That said, a OnePlus 5T creates a crook photo, that is manifest on closer inspection.

OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 (top) vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (bottom)

100% crop, OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 top, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 bottom

Sample 3:

When clicking in illuminated light, a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 once again comes out brazen of a Mi Mix 2. That’s given a phone clicks a somewhat crook photo, and with softened white balance. The disproportion once again is manifest usually in a corresponding comparison, though it’s still there.

OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 (top) vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (bottom)

However, what’s value observant here is that both phones are extremely behind flagships like a Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X. The book named “A Teacher’s Tale” has a hardness behind a text, that has been obliterated by both phones. The Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X successfully imitate that texture.

100% crop, OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 top, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 bottom

Sample 4:

In a second illuminated shot (below), we see a significantly warmer tinge presented by a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999. While a print isn’t totally loyal to source here, it’s closer than a print clicked around a Mi Mix 2. The latter doesn’t transport good in these conditions, shortening a effects caused by illuminated lights to a vast extent. That competence be an emanate when clicking photos during events, fairs etc.

Sample 5:

By charity wider orifice on a cameras, OnePlus is apparently anticipating to raise low light imaging this time. And a print subsequent showcases a impact of this change. When we compared a OnePlus 5 to the Mi Mix 2Where to buy 35999, a latter incited out to be a softened low light shooter. That changes this time.

The OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 produces a noticeably brighter print here, along with obtuse noise. You can see most some-more of a fondle automobile on a picture shot on a OnePlus 5T than on a Mi Mix 2. If we concentration on a potion around a car’s cockpit, we will see that a wall behind a automobile is manifest by a potion on a OnePlus 5T’s image. The same isn’t loyal for a print shot by a Mi Mix 2.

Sample 6:

While this subsequent print is also shot in low light, it’s a somewhat brighter stage than a final one. Here, a Mi Mix 2 has totally misinterpreted colors on a wall behind a car. The phone produces a greenish tinge on a wall, that is ostensible to be white. So, a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 doesn’t usually furnish a brighter photo, it’s also softened during white change when sharpened in low light. Of course, sound levels are reduce on a 5T as well.


To conclude, it is clear that a OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 has a softened camera than a Mi Mix 2. However, it is value observant that many of a differences here are irrelevant for unchanging users given they’ve conspicuous usually on a corresponding comparison. The primary reason for selecting a OnePlus 5T should be a higher low light imaging capabilities.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Samples

OnePlus 5TWhere to buy 32999 37999 picture samples

OnePlus 5T

Xiaomi Mi Mix picture samples

That said, conjunction of these phones strech flagship standards. While they have good camera specs and take decent shots, conjunction could compare adult to a standards set by Google or Apple on their flagship phones.

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