Celebrating The Late Anton Yelchin’s Birthday With a Tribute

Today would have been Anton Yelchin’s 28th birthday.  He was an impossibly gifted actor who was taken from us approach too shortly with an impossibly comfortless accident.  Most people don’t comprehend that Yelchin’s behaving career began during a immature age of 11.  From a time he seemed on ER as a child to a day he died, Yelchin had been appearing in film after film.   Amazingly in his brief time on this earth he amassed 67 credits on IMDB.

He was truly starting to come into his own.  Whether or not he was Oscar size is disputable though we have a feeling that should Yelchin have lived into his 30s there could have been some roles that during slightest afforded him a nomination.

To applaud a late actor’s birthday, I’ve comparison a brief reverence video that highlights some of his best roles as good as captures some explanation about what attention insiders suspicion about him.  It’s tough to collect a favorite Anton Yelchin purpose though we always favourite him in Alpha Dog though he’ll also always be remembered for being Charlie Bartlett, Chekov, and Kyle Reese.

RIP Anton Yelchin.


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