Chelsea galleries nearby Zaha Hadid’s High Line condo debut

The new gallery space located subsequent a High Line, and subsequent to Zaha Hadid’s 520 West 28th Street, debuted to a open final week. High Line Nine, as this space is known, consists of several gallery spaces that operation in distance from 650 block feet to 1,800 block feet. Anchoring this space is a 5,000-square-foot gallery Kasmin; other tenants embody Leila Heller Gallery, Hollis Taggart Gallery, and ZieherSmith.

High Line Nine is also home to a cafeteria and booze bar called il Piccolo Ristoro, and a landscaped rooftop garden that can also duty as a space for programming by a galleries.

High Line Nine’s tenants have entrance to a horde of amenities including promotion and PR services, a catering kitchen, WiFi, rubbish removal, cleaning of a common areas, and confidence services. In further to a High Line Nine, Related Companies is also building 5 other adjacent galleries.

And Related Companies isn’t a usually developer in a area building such spaces; Sherwood Equities is also formulation to bring 4 new galleries during a bottom of a KPF-designed condo during 500 West 21st Street. While Chelsea has always been a breakwater for galleries, a mob of visitors to a High Line has speedy developers to activate a space subsequent a towering park, and attract even some-more art-lovers to a area.

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