Civil menial ignites annoy after scornful Indonesian migrant workers …

Indonesian migrant workers frankly face critical hurdles while operative abroad, such as a critical hazard of physical and passionate abuse, in sequence to make income for their families. Even so, some people in Indonesia, for whatever reason, still feel it’s ideally excusable to insult those who risk all by withdrawal their homes in sequence to emanate a improved destiny for themselves and their desired ones.

Recently, a Facebook post from a user who claims to be an workman during a Bontang City Education Board, identified by his initials AS, went viral. In a post, AS regularly used a word “babu” (a derogative tenure to news a domestic workman in Indonesia) as he angry Indonesian migrant workers in a disgustingly unresponsive manner.

Photo: Facebook around Detik


AS’ post translates to:

All we babu

Living next a misery line that you’re peaceful to leave your family to work as a babu in another country

What is left inside we though a enterprise to acquire income so that you’re not poor?

Minimal education
Your skillset is usually to turn a babu

Well afterwards don’t contend this and that.
Everybody knows a babu is still a babu
You live off your employers’ pity
You eat your employers’ leftovers
You wear shreds from your employers

What can we be unapproachable of?

The Agency for a Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) cursed a viral post.

“Being a migrant workman is a right for each citizen who are seeking a improved pursuit and life. Being a domestic workman is concurred as a important profession,” pronounced BNP2TKI General Secretary Hermono, as quoted by Detik today.

“It’s not anyone’s place to slur a contention of domestic worker.”

There have been no reports of any authorised movement opposite AS for his post.

Earlier this year, there was a identical debate after House of Representatives (DPR) member Fahri Hamzah also called migrant workers “babu” in a tweet. His scornful summary stirred an organisation of Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong to fly a deputy to Indonesia to news Fahri to a DPR’s Ethics Council. Fahri after apologized for his remarks.

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