Danish robotics association Odico is automating a tellurian construction dinosaur – and enabling freeform architecture

Robotic hot-wire slicing by Odico


On Monday 2 Jul Danish association Odico was listed on Nasdaq First North, raising DKK 30 million to boost a first-mover advantage in a earnest destiny attention of robotic construction.

Odico’s goal is zero brief of “Transforming a tellurian construction industry,” by automating and digitalizing tasks that rest heavily on dear and formidable primer labor. Though building a crowd of applications for robotic arms, Odico’s signature product is now a process for fast and accurately producing constructional formwork with formidable geometries that are currently awfully difficult to produce.


Superior shapes that were formerly flattering impossible.

The journal Konstruktøren explains a record thus:

“Two robots boldly hook a stretchable and exhilarated blade, while a third drudge moves a froth retard by it.”

This allows Odico to furnish vast double-curved froth casting moulds for petrify or other materials in only seconds. A double-curved aspect is one that is winding in some-more than one instruction during a same time (e.g. a dome) – as against to a single-curved surface, that is any figure that can be done by simply rolling and tortuous a prosaic square of element (e.g. a cone). The relations problem of producing double-curved surfaces has even led a easier single-curved surfaces to being called developable surfaces.


The construction problems and cost have done architects and constructional engineers equivocate double-curved geometries, even yet they are some-more structurally fit than singular winding shapes and could save material.

Opus Dubai by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects

“We are means to deliver distorted elements in customary constructions though augmenting costs,” CEO Anders Bundgaard explains to Bloxhub.

For a Opus Dubai building designed by Zaha Hadid, Odico was means to automate a prolongation of 2500 singular formwork pieces used to expel a aluminum profiles for a double-curved potion façade. Odico claims to have achieved a prolongation speed of 250 tools per day, instead of a required 60 tools per day.

That’s really cold – though it’s not a point…

While a instance above might seem simply a facilitation of architectural extravagance, a record does have some-more useful implications. Another Zaha Hadid Architects plan for a farming primary propagandize in Lushan, Jiangxi province, China will use Odico to residence a unfeasibility of transporting a constructional components to a remote destination. Instead Odico robots will be sent to capacitate a prolongation of a formidable petrify structures on site.

Lushan Primary School by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects

Odico calls a judgment Factory-On-The-Fly and it is maybe a some-more finish illustration of what kind of association Odico is determined to be.

“The subsequent large step for Odico will be branch ourselves from being a prolongation association to being a record supplier. We would like to take all a believe we have gained from a work with a robots, put them in a container, and boat a enclosure worldwide, so that we are means to support humans on all worksites all over a world,” Anders Bundgaard says.

A Factory-On-The-Fly will be simply ecstatic in a customary shipping container, elementary to set adult on site, and will make accessible a operation of programmed construction tasks grown by Odico – like formwork production, bolster tortuous and piece slicing – thereby saving labor costs.

Automation within construction is potentially a outrageous industry.

The association is a ideal instance of a series that can be expected via a construction zone – an attention tormented by decreasing capability via a Western world and indolent increases in a rest. To get a range of a bulk of a problem McKinsey estimates that if a capability of a zone held adult with a rest of a tellurian economy it would indicate an boost in value combined by adult to $1.6 trillion per year – that would boost tellurian GDP by 2%.

Any fragment of a particle of that cake is a large piece…

One of a reasons a construction attention is lagging behind is a hostility to deposit in collateral that increases labor capability – a problem expected to disappear once those collateral investments guarantee capability gains too savoury to pass adult on. While digitalization has so distant unsuccessful to make most of an impression, a allege of complicated robotics might good be about to move tech over that sorcery threshold.

Renowned architects are already embracing a technology. The 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale facilities projects grown with Odico record by both Bjarke Ingels Group and Dorte Mandrup.

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