Dian Sastrowardoyo: Actress, Model, Successful Businesswoman and Now a Film Producer

Under a Orde Baru (New Order) regime, Evi pronounced usually 4 womanlike directors were frequently employed by a industry.

But between a finish of Order Baru in 1998 and 2010, there were 25 women out of a sum of 184 directors concerned in creation mainstream movies.

Dian Sastrowardoyo is one of a biggest film stars in Indonesia, masculine or female.

Best famous for her purpose as Cinta in a classical teen intrigue “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” (“What’s Up With Love?”, 2002), a actress, model, businesswoman and mom of dual has now also ventured into film production.

The multitalented singer has announced a partnership with BASE Entertainment in that she will co-produce 3 films in a subsequent 3 years.

Speaking during a press discussion in Jakarta on Tuesday (27/11), a 36-year-old pronounced this will be a initial time she takes on a layer of a artistic writer in vital film projects.

She also suggested that Shanty Harmayn, a big-name writer and owner of a Jakarta International Film Festival, will assistance palliate her entrance into film production.

“I have always wanted to work behind a stage [in a film]. The initial time we met her [Shanty] ages ago, we knew she would be a ideal coach [in film production] for me,” Dian said.

The dual met 17 years ago in a set of Dian’s initial film, “Pasir Berbisik” (“Whispering Sands,” 2001), where Shanty was a producer.

The span worked together again in Teddy Soeriaatmadja’s surrealist film Banyu Biru (“Waking Banyu”) in 2006.

Dian initial dipped her feet into film prolongation by co-producing “Drupadi” – a brief film instrumentation of a Hindu epic Mahabharata – with Mira Lesmana and Wisnu Darmawan.

“I schooled a few things in that project, though we still have to learn a ropes. There are still so many aspects of film prolongation that we didn’t even know exist,” Dian said.

“I will have to make artistic decisions, as good as master all a business aspects of producing a film, including distribution, graduation and financing,” she said.

Dian is famous as an artist with a brain. She has a grade in truth from a University of Indonesia and a master’s grade in economics.

The singer pronounced her preparation has been a large assistance as she takes baby stairs in film production.

“I can indeed precedence a skills we already have in film production. we also wish to pave ways for a era after me in a industry,” Dian said.

Shanty Harmayn, a arch executive of BASE, echoed Dian’s optimism, observant that a singer has all a talents she needs to turn a good producer.

“Her behaving credentials and her knowledge as an businessman give her a lot of advantages. She knows a sum and has a bird’s eye perspective of a industry,” Shanty said.

Dian is also successful businesswoman. Her businesses embody a startup called Frame A Trip that connects we with a internal photographer to assistance we take Instagrammable photos during your vacation, healthy catering association 3 Skinny Minnies, shoe association Chevalier and Vyladira, a line of premium mukena (praying clothes for Muslim women).

Dian’s initial plan with BASE will be a comedy heist underline “Guru-Guru Gokil” (“Mad Teachers”), to be created by final year’s Piala Citra Best Original Screenplay leader for “Night Bus,” Rahabi Mandra.

The film will start sharpened someday in a center of subsequent year.

Staying True to Her Roots

Dian pronounced nonetheless apropos a writer is one of her lifelong dreams, she won’t leave her behaving career behind.

She pronounced being a writer indeed helps her learn some-more about acting.

“It’s unfit for me to quit acting. There’s no reason because we can’t do both [producing and acting],” Dian said.

The actress, who is being nominated for Best Actress in this year’s Piala Citra for her purpose as a foodie and bird influenza researcher in Aruna Lidahnya, pronounced a biggest plea in film prolongation is a fact that it takes a outrageous cube of her time.

“It won’t be an easy path, though worried is good. we learn and grow from formidable times,” she said.

“I always tell myself that if we wish something done, we have to do it myself,” Dian said. “So when we start saying some-more women are removing opportunities to work both on and off screen, we thought, because not turn a film writer myself?”

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