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Actress Dian Sastrowardoyo prefers her solid valuables to turn an prolongation of herself, as it merges with her day-to-day outfits via opposite activities.

“I’m a kind of chairman who wears jewelry, something that’s unequivocally simple, so that we don’t need to take it off,” Dian pronounced recently. 

The singer was vocalization during a media luncheon on Friday to applaud a launch of 4 collections she curated for valuables code Miss Mondial. 

Dian has been allocated a envoy of Mondial, of that Miss Mondial is an extension. In further to now also being a face of Miss Mondial, a singer has curated 4 special collections collectively patrician “Sahabat Dian” (Friend of Dian), that simulate her possess taste. 

The launch also coincided with a opening of a newest store in Plaza Indonesia. 

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The 36-year-old singer voiced her unrestrained during a collaboration, observant that a code ensures to emanate high-quality valuables while progressing reliable solid practices. 

Her ties with a brand, Dian shared, began as a customer.

“I’ve always favourite their designs and we would infrequently even ask for a same designs to be customized. Such as recreating a certain structure though in a smaller size, or even removing a ring pattern done into earrings,” Dian said. 

The 4 collections embody bullion coloured Drop of a Sun pendants; square-shaped designs for Jardin Carré earrings, match and ring; floral Tournesol rings; and a elementary Solace collection of pendant, ring and earrings. 

“To have valuables that becomes one with ourselves, that is truly simple, maybe with only one stone, this is what can be found in Solace,” Dian said.

Miss Mondial, that caters to younger business and those who are only shopping their initial set of diamonds, presents a wider operation of solid wealth with a smaller carat count and contemporary designs in comparison to Mondial.

The Sahabat Dian collection, for example, comprises diamonds with a largest cut of 1.1 carats for earrings, 0.82 ct for a necklace and 0.714 ct for a ring. 

Also during a event, Gloria Tobing, Miss Mondial’s selling ubiquitous manager, pronounced diamonds should not only be for special occasions, though rather could be ragged during all times.

“For example, we have this ring, and when we take it off, we get that feeling that I’ve mislaid something or mislaid something. we even wore this during an tour where we did outside activities,” Gloria said. Depending on a size, pattern and quality, Gloria went on to say, valuables can be widely versatile. 

“This also speaks to the strength,” she said, observant that wealth should also be well-kept to say their shine. (mut)

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