Dian Sastrowardoyo to star in "Munafik 2"?

Syamsul Yusof wants Dian Sastrowardoyo to star in “Munafik 2”.

12 Oct – Local filmmaker Syamsul Yusof has announced that his latest movie, “Munafik 2”, will be a partnership between Skop Production and an Indonesian-based production, MD Picture.

Syamsul suggested that a book to a “Munafik” supplement was already finished though when MD Pictures uttered their goal to collaborate, a immature executive had a whole book rewritten.

The 32-year-old combined that a arriving film will also star a talent from a beside country.

“For now, we am eyeing Dian Sastrowardoyo. The filming plcae will be possibly in Indonesia or Malaysia, depending on a script.

“If all goes well, filming will start early or in a center of subsequent year,” pronounced a executive to Harian Metro.

Syamsul also suggested that MD Picture is meddlesome in operative on a supplement with Skop Production following a success of fear film “Munafik” in Indonesia.

MD Picture was a association obliged in bringing a film into a internal marketplace there and Syamsul did not design that his movie, that has been display in a nation given 5 October, would accept such a large response.

In fact, during a movie’s celebration premiere in Indonesia, it perceived far-reaching media coverage and a halls were packaged with guests.

Media and guest comparison gave certain responses to a movie, proof that internal productions can also do good in Indonesia supposing that they are of high quality.

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