Drone footage captures Zaha Hadid’s mountaintop museum in South Tyrol

This video shot by drone captures a late Zaha Hadid’s Messner Mountain Museum, which is half buried into a rise of an Alpine towering in Italy.

The footage offers a drone’s eye perspective of a vast volumes of a museum, that seem to detonate by a rockface of Mount Kronplatz during 2,275 metres above sea level.

Dezeen consecrated videographer Alaïa Fonk to fire a film during a outing to South Tyrol to try a region’s contemporary pattern scene.

Fonk’s footage shows off a museum’s winding forms. One cantilevers over a valley, while dual others form windows, charity views from a subterraneous galleries.

More glass-reinforced fibre concrete forms emerge from a belligerent to emanate canopies that support a building’s entrance.

The museum is a final complement in a array of six towering museums in South Tyrol commissioned by Reinhold Messner – a initial traveller to strech a limit of Mount Everest but additional oxygen.

It explores a story of mountaineering – displaying objects, images and collection in galleries organized over 3 floors and connected by cascading staircases. The building also includes a tiny museum emporium and a 20-seat cinema.

Zaha Hadid first unveiled a pattern for a Messner Mountain Museum Corones in 2013 and it opened in Jul 2015, apropos the Pritzker Prize-winning architect’s third plan in a Alps.

The skeleton for a subterranean museum now underline in an muster called Made in Italy during a MAXXI in Rome. The show, that outlines a one-year anniversary of Hadid’s death, explores a architect’s long-standing attribute with a country.

Dezeen’s in-house studio recently filmed both Diébédo Francis Kéré’s Serpentine Pavilion and luckless brutalist housing estate Robin Hood Gardens using a drone.

The footage of a was prisoner on a DJI Mavic Pro worker by Alaïa Fonk and edited by Dezeen.

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