Ed Sheeran Dedicates ‘Dive’ to Baby Girl Named After Him | Billboard

Little Cooper Sheeran is Ed’s biggest small fan.

Ed Sheeran met his biggest small fan this week in Miami. The thespian was behaving during American Airlines Arena on Wednesday (Aug. 3) when Rocky and Harmony Smith told Sheeran that their daughter’s center name was selected in respect of him.

In an Instagram video of a incident, Sheeran asks, “How aged is she? One month? Her center name is Sheeran? I’ve never seen a baby this ease during a concert. Just chilling there for a whole thing and we guys have been loud, you’re singing and she’s usually kinda like [looking around]… we adore babies!”

Ed afterwards dedicated a strain “Dive” to small one-year-old Cooper Sheeran Smith and asked a assembly to join him in serenading a tot. “What’s her initial name? Cooper. We’re going to sing this strain for you. The lyrics for a carol are ‘Don’t call me baby’… we know she’s a baby,” he said, as Harmony shouted, “That’s all right!” in response.

“I’m gonna need all of we in Miami to sing this strain for Cooper right now. We’re going to sing this as shrill as we can from a commencement to a end… means she’s gonna be chill,” he told them.

@teddysphotos Thanks for singing to Cooper tonight! –➗

A post common by Rocky (@rsmith49er) on Aug 30, 2017 during 10:37pm PDT

In a Facebook post, Rocky Smith wrote, “Ed Sheeran we didn’t get a design with we tonight, though we singing to my daughter was flattering amazing. We’ll see we tomorrow!” 

Cooper was behind in her usual front quarrel spot during Thursday night’s (Aug. 31) uncover in Orlando as well. According to a Miami Herald, Rocky owns a karaoke association called RockStarr Productions and Cooper is assured that Sheeran is usually singing her dad’s songs. 

“I’m a thespian and we sing usually Ed Sheeran to her,” Rocky said. “She hears it on a radio when I’m not around and she’s looking for daddy. She’s been listening to him given before she was born. We had speakers that we could insert to my wife’s stomach where we would play his songs for her.”

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