Ed Sheeran: The man we adore to fake to hate

And everybody wants in on that goldmine. The copycats will go away, eventually, and we can’t fake that this hasn’t happened before.

Hell, many of a favourite draft sensations, including Sheeran, are merely mimicking their idols. Sheeran, magnify him, is what happens when someone goes and gets his Damien Rice and Nizlopi annals all churned adult with Paul Simon’s. Meanwhile, a other biggest masculine luminary in a world, Bruno Mars, is most a bruise emporium Michael Jackson. How come everybody is fine with his derivative code of pop?

For now, Sheeran is only one of those things we adore to fake we hate. Like Phil Collins. Or cauliflower. But seriously, we’re really good during giving out about cocktail idols and stone gods. Think James Blunt, Sting, Bono, Nickelback, etc. Sheeran, a bad lad, is most a one-man NickelBlunt. But we don’t have to listen to him if we don’t wish to. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy. You only change a channel. Turn a page. Avoid a Phoenix Park.

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