England struggling to shake fear of Euro 2016 chagrin opposite …

England’s Euro 2016 better to Iceland went down as one of a misfortune formula in a Three Lions’ history.

There are some anniversaries that are easier to forget — a day to lift adult a bed covers and vacant out 24 hours. Most affiliates of a English football group will proceed Tuesday, Jun 27 with a shudder down their spine, one year on from being flustered (and eliminated) by Iceland during a 2016 European Cup.

England have had their ups and downs in vital tournaments — copiousness some-more downs than ups, it contingency be pronounced — though losing to a group fielded by a republic with a race of usually over 300,000 in Nice final Jun is about as bad as it gets.

The 1-0 better to a United States in a 1950 World Cup in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has always been regarded as a underside of English football. In a complicated era, however, Iceland has turn a one-word summation of a turn of disaster that England seems unqualified of escaping.

The journal headlines following a better prisoner a mood of an indignant footballing nation.

“Cod Help Us,” raged a Daily Star; “Clueless,” screamed a Daily Express, with The Sun going for “Ice Wallies.”

When England suffered a 2-0 better opposite a United States in Boston in 1993, they were greeted with headlines of “Yanks 2 Planks 0.” These sardonic captions strike a press usually one year after manager Graham Taylor was graphic with a turnip on his conduct underneath a title of “Swedes 2 Turnips 1,” following a side’s Euro 92 exit during a hands of Sweden.

Those headlines still make English football fans recoil some-more than 20 years on, though a pain from a Iceland better is still so tender that few of a untimely protagonists are prepared to speak about it.

Roy Hodgson, who quiescent as manager immediately after a diversion in a press room of a Allianz Riviera Stadium, has oral about a “grieving process” in a arise of a detriment that cost him his job.

“I don’t know either we ever get over things that means we pain,” Hodgson pronounced final December. “Perhaps we shouldn’t describe this to deaths in families given it’s a football match, though when something matters a lot to you, afterwards unfortunately, where lamentation is involved, do we ever unequivocally get over it? we don’t know. we consider there’s always going to be that scar.”

Hodgson is not a usually Brit to leave Euro 2016 with a scar, however.

Roy Hodgson quiescent in a arise of a annoyance in Nice.

Much of a side that started opposite Iceland stays executive to Gareth Southgate’s skeleton going into Russia 2018, though a vast characters — those players presumably earmarked to assistance lead England to success in France — have suffered a violent 12 months given a detriment in Nice.

Wayne Rooney, England’s captain and goalscorer opposite Iceland, has mislaid his place in a general patrol underneath Southgate. At 31, Rooney competence be forced to anticipate a beforehand finish to his England career.

His deteriorate during Manchester United following Euro 2016 was a outrageous beating in terms of appearances and goals, though how most of his underwhelming play stemmed from his opening opposite Iceland, when he simply could not change a diversion from a midfield position he had identified as his possess before to a tournament?

Jose Mourinho was positively not impressed, insisting in his initial news discussion as United manager that Rooney was not a midfielder. Mourinho’s diagnosis has been advanced by Rooney’s play during Old Trafford.

Joe Hart was England’s undisputed initial choice in idea opposite Iceland, though was during error for both of a scores tallied by Ragnar Sigurdsson and Kolbeinn Sigthorsson.

Hart’s opening that night in Nice led to plateau of criticism; many were also discerning to bring his mistake in a 2-1 win opposite Wales, when he conceded a long-range Gareth Bale free-kick.

Hart had maybe come to trust he was untouchable, though Pep Guardiola motionless to expel him aside by a time he returned to Manchester City. Guardiola eventually loaned Hart to Torino, and a goalkeeper’s repute has not recovered since.

While he stays England’s No.1 in goal, a presentation of Everton’s Jordan Pickford — joined with Jack Butland’s lapse to aptness during Stoke City — suggests that Hart’s hold on his position is weaker than ever.

Hodgson, Rooney and Hart competence good be Euro 2016’s biggest losers on a personal level, though England as a group have nonetheless to redeem from a movement of losing to Iceland.

England have taken on their third manager in 12 months, with Southgate replacing Hodgson’s successor, Sam Allardyce, after usually one game. Despite a change, a new man’s record is unspectacular during best.

Gareth Southgate is a latest to try to retreat a inhabitant side’s fortunes.

In 8 games during a helm of England’s inhabitant side, Southgate has available 3 wins — opposite Malta, Scotland and Lithuania.

England have won divided usually once given Euro 2016, defeating Slovakia final Sep underneath Allardyce. Games opposite chosen nations, meanwhile, have resulted in defeats divided to Germany and France and a Wembley pull opposite Spain.

Though they have a players — Harry Kane, Dele Alli, John Stones and Marcus Rashford are all potentially top-quality — and outrageous financial resources during their disposal, England are still pang from a post-Iceland hangover.

The England Under-20s won a U20 World Cup progressing this month, and a U21s face Germany in a semifinals of a European U-21 Championships in Poland on Tuesday, so a destiny competence be splendid for a Three Lions.

But as a anniversary of a compare opposite Iceland looms large, England’s comparison group are still held in a calamity — and uncover no signs of waking.

Mark Ogden is a comparison football author for ESPN FC. Follow him @MarkOgden_

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