Film instrumentation of ‘Laut Bercerita’ restrained, though absolute – The Jakarta Post

The brief film opens in dark and duration silence. Soon, however — still though saying anything — we learn accurately what is function when we hear blows tumble and roughly feel a pain inflicted by a agonized grunts of a victim.

By a time a lights come up, divulgence a sheer dungeon with a restrained being brutalized, we can feel a suffering.

Such elementary nonetheless effective storytelling is followed via a brief film Laut Bercerita (The Sea Speaks His Name), an instrumentation of Leila S. Chudori’s latest novel temperament a same title.

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The morality leaves many categorically unexplained, though a definition of a scenes are nonetheless practically clear: family dinners, a phone call in a rain, lives rotting behind bars, a floating memorial. With still understatement they all scream out their offensive significance, initial stuffing a assembly with empathize and snub and afterwards roughly removal them of tension with a power of a experience.

Laut Bercerita takes a long, formidable novel of roughly 400 pages and tells a story in reduction than 30 minutes. 

The short film is not usually visually powerful, though also remarkably written, destined and edited. Tying it all together is a expel of both obvious and lesser-known actors, whose mostly tranquil performances lend even some-more abyss to an already surpassing story.

Directed by Pritagita Arianegara (Salawaku, 2016) and penned by Leila herself, a film facilities large names, such as Reza Rahadian, Ayushita Nugraha, Dian Sastrowardoyo and Tio Pakusadewo. Several activists also make an coming in the film, namely Tanta Ginting, Ade Firman Hakim and Haydar Saliszh.

Perhaps a many relocating theatre is delivered with harmful patience by Bali-born theatre actor Aryani Willems, who depicts a mom who seems harmless during first, though comes to definitely browbeat with her elementary revelation of a dream that encapsulates a grief of a impulse and a need to somehow pierce brazen to something better.

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