Gear Shifters Linked To Star Trek Actor’s Death Are ‘Defective’: Lawsuit

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The sovereign lawsuit, filed by 49-year-old San Antonio proprietor Sonya Dawson, says a rigging shifter on her 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel was a source of an collision that harmed her in Mar 2016. According to a complaint, Dawson pulled into a drive of her home after a outing to a grocery store, “and exited a automobile while a engine was still running.”



As she approached a house, a censure says, Dawson beheld a Jeep started to hurl backwards.

“She non-stop a door, attempted to burst behind into a vehicle, and stop a automobile by requesting a brakes,” according to a complaint. “However, Sonya was ejected from a automobile and onto a ground. As a automobile rolled towards her, she attempted equivocate being run over and changed her left leg out of a way. However, a left front tire rolled over her right foot.”

Dawson blames FCA for conceptualizing and production cars with “monostable shifters that did not yield a arguable process of final rigging chain and did not embody any safety-override to forestall rollaway accidents.”


FCA didn’t immediately offer a criticism on a fit to The Detroit News, which initial reported on Dawson’s complaint.

As a David Tracy described a shifters in doubt final year, their design—in that a rigging selector is pushed adult and down though earnings to center, rather than staying in a bound place like a standard PRNDL shifter might—can be treacherous to operate.

On a surprising mushroom-shaped rigging shifter, a motorist presses and binds a symbol and pushes a shifter all a approach adult to set a automobile in park, after that a shifter centers itself again. But Fiat Chrysler pronounced a Jeep’s shifter pattern didn’t yield drivers with sufficient feedback for them to know what rigging their automobile was in, and so some drivers only left a vehicles in neutral before exiting a car.

The 27-year-old Yelchin was pushing a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee in a early hours of Jun 19, 2016, when his car, while in neutral, rolled retrograde down a driveway, and pinned him opposite a mailbox. Police after reliable a automobile was enclosed in a large remember that’s tied to 41 reported injuries.


Dawson’s five-count censure asks for vague punitive and orthodox damages, along with remuneration for her injuries.

Update: A FCA US orator sent along a following statement:


FCA US wishes to extend a sympathies to Ms. Dawson for her injuries postulated in this incident. We can't criticism serve during this time as a Company has not been served with this lawsuit and has not had an event to investigate what it alleges.

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