How many does a many costly penthouse in Zaha Hadid’s plan in Bratislava cost?

The Sky Park plan designed by a distinguished Zaha Hadid Architect’s studio has launched a sales of a last, many expensive, apartments. The collection of apartments underneath a pretension Penthouses Panoramatic Collection Apartments are located on a tip floors of a 3 residential towers. Apart from peculiarity housing they are concurrently an glorious investment, claims a developer Penta Real Estate.

“There are usually a few projects by Zaha Hadid in a universe charity penthouses and these all go to a best of what a genuine estate marketplace offers in a given country,” pronounced Jozef Šimek, conduct of sales and selling during Penta Real Estate, as cited in a press release.

Visualisation of a destiny perspective from tip floors of a Sky Park project.

The many costly unit is located on a 29th (the highest) building of a initial residential tower. It covers an area of some-more than 260 block metres and includes an additional 35 block metres within dual loggias and a terrace. It is oriented on 3 principal points and so offers a breathtaking perspective of Bratislava. The options to implement a prohibited cylinder on a patio or a sauna directly in a bedroom are available. Apart from a categorical opening there is also another opening enabling a origination of a tiny prosaic inside a penthouse, possibly for guest or staff. It costs €1.7 million.

While a developer places it as a many costly unit on a Slovak genuine estate market, a trend.reality website points out that a nearby, already completed, project, Panorama City by JT Real Estate, offers an unit that is some-more costly by €78,000.

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There are dual penthouses in any Sky Park tower, creation 6 penthouses in total.

Apartments from a Panoramatic Collection are located on a 27th and 28th floors. On any building there are 6 such apartments, so there are 36 such apartments in total.

The developer reports a high seductiveness in top customary apartments and purebred clients have requisitioned some-more than half of them.

“Penthouses in projects by Zaha Hadid are being sole abroad for prices starting during several millions of euros,” pronounced Šimek. “For example, a many costly unit in a Zaha Hadid plan 520 West 28th in New York cost roughly $50 million.

The 3 residential towers of a Sky Park plan are already underneath construction and they should be finished in 2020.

Disclaimer: Penta financial organisation has a 45-percent share in Petit Press, a co-owner of The Slovak Spectator.

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