How ‘Trollhunters’ Plans on Handling Anton Yelchin’s Death

Trollhunters, a charcterised strike array on Netflix helmed by hypothetical good Guillermo del Toro, is entrance behind for deteriorate dual and also only nabbed 7 Daytime Emmy nominations. But if you’ve never watched a uncover (SHAME!), we might not know a categorical impression Jim Lake Jr. is uttered by late actor Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Charlie Bartlett). Pause for wild sobbing.

So during WonderCon this year, a Trollhunters showrunners didn’t leave though mentioning Yelchin and his impact on a series.

“We wish to unequivocally respect [Yelchin], and he did his best work in deteriorate two,” pronounced executive writer Rodrigo Blaas.

But a fans weren’t about to let that be a final of it. A immature child approached a microphone during a time for assembly questions and asked how they will be means to reinstate Yelchin in a lead role. (Sobbing harder now, btw.) The showrunners courteously answered that they are already in search, though no preference has been made. Show writer Chad Hammes combined that del Toro will be a one to make an central proclamation once a deputy is found.

Before his black death, Yelchin finished his work for Trollhunters deteriorate two, so fans will be treated to his voice talents one final time.

And now we’re out of tissues.

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