How Will ‘Star Trek 4’ Handle The Absence of Chekov?

The news of a accidental death of Chekov actor Anton Yelchin during a immature age of 27 was a startle to his family, friends, castmates, and fans. Yelchin can never be truly replaced, yet as swell is being done on a fourth Star Trek film set in a Kelvin timeline, we suspicion we’d plead what’s subsequent for Chekov and a navigator’s hire on a overpass of a newly launched USS Enterprise-A.

The USS Enterprise-A from a finish of Star Trek Beyond

Shooting Star Trek 4 though Anton will be tough for a cast

Yelchin’s associate castmembers have mostly voiced how deeply his flitting impacted them, generally as they were tasked to foster Star Trek Beyond so shortly after. And even some-more recently, as a word got around about new seductiveness in a Trek film franchise, Yelchin’s castmates pronounced they’ll have a tough time sharpened a subsequent film though him.

In late 2017, Karl Urban told ScreenCrush:

I consider it [Star Trek Beyond] was a good note to finish it on. And certainly, it wouldn’t be a same though Anton [Yelchin], so that would be bittersweet.

More recently, in April, Simon Pegg pronounced to The Quietus:

I know we’re doing more. I’d adore to – we adore those guys. It’s, of course, formidable given we mislaid Anton [Yelchin] and relocating brazen though him still feels unimaginable.

Anton Yelchin and John Cho goofus around on a set of Star Trek Beyond

Chekov won’t be recast, so what happens to him?

Producer J.J. Abrams done certain to residence a blazing emanate on fans’ minds. Speaking to a Toronto Sun in Jul 2016, he reliable that a purpose of Chekov would not be recast:

I would contend there’s no replacing him. There’s no recasting. we can’t presumably suppose that, and we consider Anton deserves better.

However, when asked if Chekov would be killed off, Abrams was some-more vague:

I have suspicion about it, we’re operative on it, and it’s too early to speak about it.

It seems in bad ambience to kill off Chekov a character, as there are a array of ways to gracefully write him out of a stream adventures. For example, because not contend he eliminated to a USS Reliant? It’s a bit of fan service, and handles a emanate nicely, wise in with a story we’re already informed with.

Chekov was eliminated once before, this time it could be off a ship.

An garb of six?

The detriment of Yelchin and his fervent take on Chekov as a young, fervent officer leaves a hole in a cast. He was a substitute for immature assembly members, while a rest of expel are coming 40 (or older). It could positively behoove Paramount to get a younger impression behind into a ensemble. This impression could take Chekov’s navigator hire on a bridge, or presumably have some other purpose on a ship.

On a other hand, as most as we adore a thought of a vast garb cast, it gets harder to give shade time to everybody as a expel grows. There’s also a really genuine emanate of money–we’d tend to design that a subsequent film will be some-more unwavering of a budget, so one reduction categorical impression could assistance a bottom line.

The 7 categorical expel members on a set of Star Trek (2009)

What about Jaylah?

If it is motionless a categorical organisation works best as an garb expel of seven, one probable choice would be to move behind a impression of Jaylah who was a dermatitis impression in Beyond, a lot of fans want to see more of her. Actress Sofia Boutella seems like she competence be available, and in 2016, she told USA Today that she’d be “…excited to be a partial of it again,” even yet it hadn’t come adult as an choice during that time she pronounced “I’m ready to burst on a subsequent plane, no problem.” Storywise, Jaylah would be uninformed out of Starfleet Academy and prepared to go. Jaylah could be reserved to Chekov’s aged position of navigator, or presumably a opposite role.

Sofia Boutella as Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond

The Enterprise-A still needs a navigator

If a new categorical impression isn’t introduced as a new navigator, a boat still needs a navigator, even if they have singular or even no dialogue. They could presumably only have a credentials impression fill a role, maybe named for one of a ordinarily seen credentials characters from TOS such as DeSalle, Hadley, or Leslie. They could of march also emanate a new character, yet there are a few reasonable possibilities for new navigators from a Kelvin cinema and classical Star Trek. We have pulled together a few suggestions.

Original Kelvin timeline characters

Darwin – Lieutenant Darwin took over a navigator’s hire for Chekov during a events of Into Darkness, when he was reassigned to engineering. She didn’t get to contend most in her initial appearance, and it would be good bit of smoothness to give actress Aisha Hinds some some-more shade time.

0718 – Transferring Science Officer 0718 to navigation is another possibility. This singular cybernetically-enhanced impression from Into Darkness would positively make for an engaging navigator, given according to behind-the-scenes information, they dictated him to have a couple to a Enterprise mechanism with his augmentations. Actor Joseph Gatt told fans that 0718 was created into a book for a initial thought for a third film (by “Star Trek 4” scribes McKay and Payne) that was after scrapped, so maybe they’ll embody him in a fourth movie.

Kevin a Teenaxi – “Kevin” (his genuine name is unpronounceable for humans) was one of a dual Teenaxi beamed adult while Captain Kirk was underneath conflict during a commencement of Star Trek Beyond. He appears during a finish of a film in a blue municipal shirt during Kirk’s birthday celebration. Behind-the-scenes, while sharpened a birthday celebration, they used a earthy indication of Kevin in a blue sciences uniform, that was afterwards transposed with a CGI impression in post production. So there’s a non-canonical spirit that Kevin apparently assimilated Starfleet in some capacity. This thought was picked adult in a IDW comic array Boldly Go, where they gave Kevin his possess issue, in it he works along side a crew (while still not wearing pants) to get a new Enterprise-A prepared to launch. He’s of march a CGI character, so there’s a regard about bill if they collect him.

Classic characters

Arex – A array of fans have voiced their seductiveness in saying The Animated Series 3 armed and legged visitor navigator Lieutenant Arex brought to life with complicated cinema techniques. He would be flattering expensive. While a identical visitor named Alnschloss K’Bentayr was seen on a USS Kelvin, Alnschloss was on shade for no some-more than 10 minutes, so springing for an whole movie’s value of Arex as navigator is expected out due to budget.

Dave Bailey – The newly promoted Lieutenant from “The Corbomite Maneuver” is one of a initial navigators we accommodate in TOS, and over a years he’s held a seductiveness of a array of authors in a non-canon stretched star books and comic books. He was also featured utterly a bit in a funky Star Trek UK weekly comic strip.

Kevin Riley – “Have no fear, O’Riley’s here!” This early TOS reoccurring impression is a fan favorite and would be a fun further to a Kelvin-verse Enterprise crew.

Who will a new navigator be?

What do we say?

How do we consider Star Trek 4 should understanding with a deficiency of Chekov? Do we consider a film needs a new impression to reinstate him? Who would we chose to be a new navigator? Sound off in a comments below.

Stay glued to for all news, whispers and some-more about a destiny of Star Trek movies. You can keep tabs on all updates on a subsequent film around our Star Trek 4 category.

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