INDONESIA Missing for 14 years, Indonesian migrant finally hugs her father interjection to a nun

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – An Indonesian lady who left for Malaysia in hunt of happening and went blank 14 years ago was means to cuddle her aged father again (picture 1) interjection to a implausible efforts of Sister Laurentina (picture 2), a member of a Sisters of Divine Providence (PI).

The story started in Kupang, collateral of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), an Indonesian range on a limit with East Timor. “I accept a phone call from a BNP2TKI,” a National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers. “Can we assistance us get information on a blank Indonesian migrant?” a central asked.  “We usually have her initial.”

A tiny sketch and a minute J are a usually clues Sister Laurentina received. The nun is troubled, though not by what or whom she had to find.

A second phone call came to mystify things. She is told that a lady in doubt competence be in a medical centre run by a Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The lady can't remember possibly her family or her place of birth.

Thanks to a military commander of a district of Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) and another internal source, Sister Laurentina managed to learn a initial minute of her surname: M. Thanks to this information, she was means to brand a encampment with residents whose surname had a same initial.

The allotment is really distant from Kupang. “It takes roughly 6 hours by automobile to strech a internal parish. From there we contingency continue for another 3 hours, afterwards leave a automobile and travel along towering paths,” a nun said.

In Dec 2018, Sister Laurentina trafficked to Timor Tengah Selatan to revisit a encampment of Oinlansi along with Fr Eko Aldianto, from a Commission for Justice, Peace and Care of Migrants of a Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia (KWI).

This was a right possibility to strech a encampment of a blank immature woman. “Together with Fr Sebastianus Kefi, a internal clergyman in Oinlansi, we reached a remote place of Obibi, where a allotment is located.”

The dual priests and a nun arrived in Kaileu (picture 2), though there was still one some-more bid to make: a residence they were looking for stood during a tip of a high mountain (picture 3).

“I was roughly out of exhale when reached it,” Sister Laurentina said. “However, a steer of a aged father was a good service for me. we was also really moved: a girl’s father is ill and lives in a tiny normal house.”

Known as T M, he suffers from a critical leg illness, that does not concede him to travel properly.

“Do we have a daughter named J M?” Sister Laurentina asked, display him a tiny photograph. A internal male offers to interpret a nun’s ask from Indonesian into Dawan, a internal language.

“Yes,” pronounced a aged lady ripping into tears. “My family and we don’t know anything about her given 2006. Is she alive, dead?”

“She is alive, she is in Kuala Lumpur,” a nun replied. “Soon she will be repatriated.”

“Sister, greatfully move her behind to me.”

For Sister Laurentina, “Things were still unclear. we didn’t even know if we would ever see a father again. we wanted to tell him ‘yes, we will’, though we could not know how a matter would finish . . . Then we said: ‘With God’s help, we will accommodate any other again,’” she said, a pile in her throat.

A crony who works during a International Organisation for Migration (IOM) told Laurentina – who has given returned to Kupang – that she was not certain that a lady was still in a Kuala Lumpur shelter.

For a nun, that led to days of despair. In a following weeks, however, she perceived an astonishing phone call. Fr Pin told her that he was certain that “the immature lady is alive and during in a centre.” However, she had some health problems to understanding with before returning to Indonesia.

Sister Laurentina did not rubbish time, and immediately contacted a embassy to organize a repatriation.  

“The immature lady arrived in Kupang on 25 March, on a (state carrier) Garuda Indonesia flight,” a nun explained. After traffic with some paperwork during a airport, Sister Laurentina immediately set off with J M. The highway between Kupang and Timor Tengah Selatan district is long.

In Kaileu, a family had waited for J M for 14 years (picture 4). Due to widespread poverty, a remote and primarily Christian East Nusa Tenggara range is a many influenced by tellurian trafficking.

In a past, generations of residents have emigrated to Malaysia to work as domestics or on plantations. But in new years migrant trafficking has increasing and some-more and some-more immature people – generally women – tumble into a trap of underpaid work or forced prostitution.

According to a BNP2TKI, some-more than 2,600 migrants have died or left blank given 2014. Finding a latter is roughly always impossible, as traffickers change names, birthdays and addresses on emigration papers.

The Church is one of a few institutions perplexing to forestall and opposite a problem. Some priests and nuns have dedicated their lives to this mission.

Sister Laurentina has been crisscrossing a segment in 2012 to surprise villagers about a dangers of trafficking. She began to assistance victims directly in 2014, during a Migrant Care Centre in Jakarta.

Since 2017 she has been a anti-trafficking coordinator for a island of Timor and is conduct of a Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC) of a Archdiocese of Kupang, a collateral of East Nusa Tenggara.

Currently, she is also concerned with KWI’s Commission for Justice, Peace and Care of Migrants.

One of a tasks her Order has reserved her is caring for victims who lapse to their villages from abroad. But not everybody can return: some die in accidents or from illnesses; others since of loosening and abuse.

“For this reason,” she noted, “in further to charity comfort to survivors of tellurian trafficking, my pursuit is also to accept coffins during a airfield and broach a stays of those who did not make it to their families.”

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