Indonesia Sends 324 Prospective Nursing Workers to Japan for Training

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – The Japanese supervision will accept 324 impending nursing workers from Indonesia to bear 6 months of denunciation training while operative in hospitals and aged homes in a country.

The matter was delivered by a Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Masafumi Ishii during a Jakarta-based embassy on Monday (6/12).

The 324 impending nursing workers include of 29 nurses and 295 caregivers.

Although formerly these health workers have been supposing with Japanese denunciation training in Indonesia for 6 months, they will still bear a denunciation equivalency module after nearing in Japan, pronounced Ambassador Ishii in front of hundreds of nurses and caregivers from several regions in Indonesia.

“This nursing caring module has entered a 10th year and this year a series of participants has augmenting utterly rapidly, a arise to 324 workers from 279 workers final year,” pronounced Ishii.

That is, he added, now about some-more than 1,000 nursing crew from Indonesia have worked for a series of hospitals and aged in Japan.

The Government of Japan will continue to urge a complement of recruitment of health workers from Indonesia by auxiliary with internal authorities.

“I wish a participants of this year can say health, adjust to a life of Japanese society, and attain in inhabitant examination later,” he said.

The promulgation off of a Indonesian nurses and caregivers was also attended by member from a National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) and a Ministry of Health.

Deputy of Placement during BNP2TKI, Agusdin Subiantoro, welcomed a Japanese government’s joining to lenient and improving a peculiarity of nursing crew from Indonesia.

“The supervision continues to safeguard that there are unchanging improvements to a peculiarity of nursing staff sent to Japan, so hopefully there will be good feedback so that a series of workers sent will continue to grow annually,” pronounced Agusdin while giving a debate before hundreds of impending nurses .

He also due to Ambassador Ishii and Deputy Ambassador of Economic Affairs Mari Takada for a Government of Japan to recur a terms of dual years work believe for Indonesian nursing staff.

“There are dual things we due on this occasion: First, for a Japanese Government to give some-more opportunities for Indonesian workers in a subsequent year,” he said.

Second, for some-more nursing staff to work there. We suggest that a two-year work believe requirement be reduced to one year or a internal management should not be firm to a rule.

Meanwhile, Head of Human Resources Development and Empowerment Agency (PPSDM) of a Ministry of Health, Usman Sumantri, in his debate that was review by Head of PPSDM for Foreign Health Diono Susilo Yuskaran, pronounced domestic nursing workers are increasingly being in direct by unfamiliar countries, including Japan.

Diono pronounced nurses have an critical role, generally now a need for them in a series of health institutions is increasing. Many unfamiliar countries, generally Japan have famous a peculiarity and good work ethic of Indonesian nursing staff.

“This promulgation is partial of an choice process that goes according to a laws and regulations on health personnel, along with a mutual advantage element between Indonesia and a user country,” he said.

He combined that a module would be an event for enlargement of practice as good as a forum to sell experiences, knowledge, and record in a margin of nursing.

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