Indonesian normal fabrics conform uncover hold during a Netherlands’ Museon – The Jakarta Post

Fashion uncover The Modest Heritage of Indonesia was hold on Dec. 7 during a Museon museum in The Hague, a Netherlands.

The uncover was a collaborative work between a Indonesian Embassy to a Netherlands and Pelangi Wastra Indonesia organization, as reported by Antara news agency. It showcased clothes done from wastra, Indonesian normal fabrics, to an assembly of 200 people.

Each of a 8 designers used a form of fabric desirous by a certain region.

Designers Deny Rafael picked a Baduy fabric from Banten, Adelina Willy Suryani went with silk from West Java’s Garut, Rizki Permatasari with fabric from East Nusa Tenggara’s Sumba and Dwi Lestari Kartika with batik from West Java’s Bekasi.

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Gita Orlin showcased batik from East Java’s Trenggalek, Lala Gozali picked Javanese lurik fabric and Melissa A. Bermara’s work was desirous by Kalimantan’s hornbill. Meanwhile, Putri Permana designed a bag desirous by a city of Jepara, Central Java.

Indonesian Ambassador to a Netherlands we Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja pronounced during a event’s opening that a conform uncover aimed to foster Indonesian informative birthright by normal fabrics. He also pronounced that it reflected Indonesia’s building artistic industry.

The conform uncover began with a contention patrician “Wastra Indonesia, Timeless Sources of Inspiration”. The Netherlands’ Centre for Culture and Development’s Yetty Haning led a discussion. (iru/wng)

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