Indonesian workman condemned to genocide for murders in UAE

Karawang, W Java (ANTARA News) – An Indonesian womanlike migrant workman from Karawang district of West Java was condemned to genocide by a justice in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a murder of 5 people.

“We got a news of a genocide judgment by a minute from a Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) that we perceived on Mar 21,” an central of a Labor and Transmigration Office, Suroto, pronounced here on Monday.

The bureau has sensitive her family in Karawang about a genocide sentence.

The migrant workman was identified as Aan binti Andi Asip from Tangkolo segment in Srijaya village, Tirtajaya subdistrict of Karawang.

Aan over to UAE on Sept 13, 2013 by a private workman chain agency, Falah Rima Hudaity Bersaudara, in Jakarta.

During her stay in UAE, Aan worked for dual opposite employers, and her locale were different later.

“The Abu Dhabi justice in UAE named her a think for a designed murder on Dec 7, 2017. The victims were dual Indonesian females, dual Thai females, and a Bangladeshi man,” he remarked, adding that Aan`s family has called on a supervision to yield authorised assistance.

Suroto suggested that he had not perceived any minute information about a issue.

Reported by M. Ali Khumaini

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