Indonesia’s U-22 Soccer Team to Face Cambodia

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Following a execution of a training stay on May 7 and 10, 2017, a under-22 Indonesian soccer group (Timnas), will bear another training stay from May 23 to 27, before personification opposite Cambodia and Puerto Rico in June.

In a arriving training camp, that will be hold in Bali, a Timnas U-22 is approaching to face dual internal teams, namely Persewangi Banyuwangi on Wednesday  and Bali United on Friday.

According to information performed from a All-Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) office, Saturday, a Timnas coach, Luis Milla, will pierce 27 players for a training stay in Bali, as good as for a domestic warm-up matches.

Milla transposed Alfred Riedl from Austria after a Timnas emerged as a runner-up during a 2016 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Cup. Concerning a training stay on May 7 and 10, Milla has voiced his compensation over a coming of his squad, Bima Sakti, partner to arch coach, quoted a Timnas manager as saying.

Soon after a training stay was over, a Timnas degraded Persita Tangerang group 2-1 in a warm-up match. As many as 26 players took partial in a training camp.

In a meantime, one of a Timnas players, Nasir, mentioned that manager Milla had asked all a group players to put vigour on a opponents in a game, while maximizing workouts and improving concentration.

“The manager has asked us to do a pass or two, always flitting and moving. At initial it was formidable to adapt, though small by small we could follow Milla’s advise. My teammates and we keep adult a suggestion by practising,” Nasir said.

The Timnas U-22 is approaching to face Cambodia’s group on Jun 8 in Phnom Penh, though while personification opposite Puerto Rico, a country’s patrol will be a host, Sakti revealed.

It will be an event for a Timnas U-22 to pierce adult from a stream 177th position in a FIFA rankings. The Timnas is ranked distant next Puerto Rico, that is during a 134th position, while Cambodia is during a 175th position.

In scheming to face Cambodia and Puerto Rico, Milla will expected find 5 or some-more comparison players to strengthen a squad, Sakti settled in Tangerang, Banten Province, Wednesday (May 10), adding it was upto Milla to select a comparison players. For a training stay in Bali from May 23 to 27, Milla will pierce 27 players.

In further to Ahmad Nur Hardianto, who is behind in a patrol after recuperating from an injury, Milla will also embody naturalized actor Ezra Walian in a program, according to a PSSI.

Coach Milla also called Persija Jakarta defender Rezaldi Hehanusa, who was absent for a training stay due to an injury. If Hehanusa comes to Bali, it will be a initial coming for a 21-year-old actor following his absence.

The 27 players who will ensue to Bali are as follows:

In a position of goalkeepers, Ravi Murdianto from (PS TNI), Mochammad Dicky Indrayana (Bali United), Satria Tama (Persegres Gresik) and Kurniawan Kartika Ajie (Persiba Balikpapan).

Players during a behind zone are Andy Setyo Nugroho (PS TNI), Hansamu Yama Pranata (Barito Putera), Nazar Nurzaidin (Barito Putera), Osvaldo Haay (Persipura), Ryuji Utomo (Persija), Rezaldi Hehanusa (Persija), Ricky Fajrin (Bali United) and Zalnando (Sriwijaya FC).

The midfielders are Paulo Sitanggang (Barito Putera), Putu Gede Juni Antara (Bhayangkara FC), Evan Dimas (Bhayangkara FC), Nasir (Arema FC), Hanif Sjahbandi (Arema FC), Muhammad Hargianto (Persija), Gian Zola (Persib), Febri Hariyadi (Persib), Septian David (Mitra Kukar), Asnawi Mangkualam (PSM Makassar) and Saddil Ramdani (Persela).

At a striker’s position are Marinus Maryanto (Persipura), Yabes Roni (Bali United), Ahmad Nur Hardianto (Persela) and Ezra Walian (Jong Ajax). Walian is a naturalized footballer who played for Dutch bar Ajax Jong.

“I am really happy and proud. From now on, we can contend that we am Indonesian,” Ezra pronounced during a bureau of a Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Thursday, while holding a promise of faithfulness as a citizen.

Ezra has betrothed to give his best to a Indonesian inhabitant group or Timnas to take it to a top level. He will essay to measure many goals and pierce a championship prize to Indonesia, he asserted.

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