Inside Mayfair Residential Tower: Zaha Hadid Architects’ Latest Project in Melbourne

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) are bringing their bespoke geometrical architectural character to Melbourne, Australia. The eminent architectural organisation is constructing a $330 million AUD (or about $260.5 million USD) 19-story residential building for UEM Sunrise property developers. 

The structure, named Mayfair Residential Tower, will residence 158 one-to-five bedroom residences that operation in distance from about 753-square-feet to about 5,985-square-feet, ZHA says in a statement. The building will exaggerate a roof terrace, swimming pools and community areas. A grill cafeteria with double-height county spaces will also be located on a travel level. 


The building takes records of a soothing call forms seen in Australia’s landscapes and seascapes. Courtesy of MrPStudios.


The structure is designed so residents can suffer a beautiful views Melbourne has to offer. Courtesy of VA.


ZHA is famous for a formidable architectural geometries. Courtesy of MrPStudios.

Melbourne was recently awarded “world’s many liveable city” for a seventh uninterrupted year, and ZHA says a building’s pattern plays off of Melbourne’s attributes to fuzz a lines between a city and a building.

“Located within a determined streetscape of St Kilda Road, a pattern enables residents to make full advantage of a glorious plcae within Melbourne,” ZHA says in a statement. “The liquid forms of a façade conclude immeasurable balconies for any unit and fantastic views of a Royal Botanic Gardens, Port Phillip Bay, Albert Park and skyline of a Central Business District.”


Roof terraces and community areas are among amenities to be expected. Courtesy of VA.


Melbourne recently won “world’s many liveable city” for a seventh uninterrupted year. Courtesy of VA.


Algorithms have been used to concede for a accumulation of unit layouts. Courtesy of MrPStudios.

ZHA says Mayfair Residential Tower’s pattern is formed off a elementary call formations of Australias’s landscapes and seascapes. Algorithms have been used to serve rise a figure of a structure, permitting for a immeasurable accumulation of unit layouts. 

“Building on ZHA’s imagination in delivering formidable architectural geometries, computational parametric pattern authorised an optimizing algorithm to brand figure similarities within a façade to a sufferable degree, minimizing a series of opposite façade panels required,” a association says. “This routine enabled a origination of a building’s sculpted façade that would have differently been cost prohibitive.”

Swimming pools are one of a amenities that will be accessible to residents. Courtesy of

The architectural organisation adds that a structure’s fluidity will continue into a interiors. “Living areas within a apartments have been organised as a method of spatial practice that maximize a iconic views opposite a city, with bespoke interior facilities that relate a sculptural qualities of a façade,” ZHA says.

Mayfair Residential Tower is slated to be finished by 2020. 


The building is slated to be finished by 2020. Courtesy of MrPStudios.


The building will cost about $260.5 million. Courtesy of VA.

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