Inside a Wales sauce room during their Euro 2016 journey …

It’s day dual of a shining extracts from David Edwards’ new book, where he takes us right inside a Wales sauce room.

Among a Euro 2016 stories Edwards tells here is a law behind that video when a Welsh players cheered England ’s better to Iceland, a ultra-special celebrations after a Belgium win and a stirring difference from skipper Ashley Williams as Wales mislaid to Portugal.

This is a loyal story of Euro 2016 within a Wales sauce room suggested for a unequivocally initial time… we competence have a pile in your throat by a finish as epic memories return…


Wales kick Northern Ireland 1-0, afterwards came Belgium in Lille in a quarter-finals. But initial a charge was about to explode over that argumentative group room video as a Welsh players watched Iceland kick England.

Edwards: “It was positively unimaginable examination that game. Everyone became some-more and some-more engrossed.

When England went in front everybody usually insincere a diversion was over and they would go on to win sincerely comfortably, nonetheless Iceland got behind into it and equalised.

From there, for whatever reason, we usually started removing behind Iceland.

It positively wasn’t an anti-England thing. Far from it. Most of a lads in that room had team-mates and friends in a England group and among a staff.

It was some-more of an loser thing, and we suspect a greedy thing too, meditative that one of a bigger teams competence be going out before a final 8 stage, maybe creation it a tiny bit easier for us to make serve progress.

There were also a few lads in a patrol who knew some of a Iceland players.

There was a genuine indebtedness for Iceland as we had followed their story. Like us, they were underdogs. Like us, they were creation swell in a tournament. Their story was even bigger than ours, given their race is usually over 300,000 and carrying no veteran league.

England fell to a startle final 16 Euro 2016 exit during a hands of arrange outsiders Iceland.

England fell to a startle final 16 Euro 2016 exit during a hands of arrange outsiders Iceland.

As they got behind into a diversion we all sensed this could be extraordinary for a contest and could open things right up. They were on a worse side of a pull and Iceland removing to a quarter-finals would be an unimaginable achievement.

Then they took a lead! As full-time got closer, we consider that was when a feeling became so strongly behind Iceland, for a possess hopes in a tournament, and since it was going to be a unequivocally special moment.

Iceland had won, and afterwards that video went viral. We’re still not certain how, nonetheless maybe it was upheld by a sequence of people until it reached someone who finished it public.

For us, it was a jubilee of a loser winning. It positively wasn’t anything anti-English, notwithstanding what some competence believe.

When we was during Shrewsbury we mislaid 2-0 during Histon, and it was a terrible feeling. Yet we knew that a neutrals out there would have been peaceful Histon to win. we am a same – if there is a non-league group personification Manchester United , I’d wish a non-league group to win.

It’s usually how it is with many football fans. You base for a underdog. The video caused a bit of a stir, that is understandable, nonetheless there wasn’t anything some-more to it than that.”


The Wales players hold justice sessions in a evenings to forge group spirit. They were separate into tiny teams – and a losing players had to perform a dance. Cue hilarity…

Edwards: “Our team, led by Neil Taylor , were a satisfactory few points adrift during a bottom of a table, so it was time for a furious label – a event to do something to stir a judges, collect adult some points for a team, and hopefully stand off a bottom.

By this theatre we indispensable to furnish something special and as we’d been examination some rugby during a contest – Wales had toured New Zealand in Jun – and had unequivocally enjoyed examination a All Blacks doing their famous haka, this got us thinking.

Wales' Neil Taylor arrives behind during Cardiff Airport

Wales’ Neil Taylor arrives behind during Cardiff Airport
(Image: PA)

David Vaughan had attempted a haka formerly after being nominated and – in front of a lads – had given it all he’d got, so we plumped for a group haka to win some much-needed points.

Stripped to a waist, bandanas turn a heads and wearing usually training pants, Wayne Hennessey, Neil Taylor, David Vaughan, Jonny Williams and myself stormed into a room creation any demeanour of pointless noises and slapping a knees.

It wasn’t a many technically scold haka you’ll see, nonetheless a place went adult and a players collapsed in fits of laughter. Wayne and Tayls’ power was overwhelming as a players filmed us on their phones – another video that went viral.”


Wales dumbfounded a universe with their 3-1 delight in Lille. Then came a impulse that kind of summed adult a adore event with a tournament

Edwards: “I suspicion I’d seen everything, nonetheless a celebrations in a cave were over anything I’d experienced. We went totally nuts and my damage was totally lost as we hugged everybody and anyone.

What an feat for a nation. The final alarm went and Wales were in a semi-finals of a European Championships.

We went over to applaud in a dilemma with a Welsh fans as normal, and went into a huddle.

LILLE, FRANCE – JULY 01: Chris Coleman manager of Wales celebrates Ashley Williams of after scoring his team’s initial idea during a UEFA EURO 2016 entertain final compare between Wales and Belgium during Stade Pierre-Mauroy on Jul 1, 2016 in Lille, France. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

This was when a masseur, Chris Senior, went into a center of a round with a camera to take some pictures. Somehow, a round incited into a heart.

Nobody designed it. At belligerent turn we couldn’t even see it had happened, nonetheless it seemed to sum all up.

Gareth had shaped a heart with his hands in Bordeaux after a initial goal, and we’d shaped a heart with a bodies in Lille.

It was destiny. we remember saying a picture after a diversion and it usually seemed like it was meant to be.”


Next it was on to Lyon and that semi-final showdown – Bale v Ronaldo

Edwards: ”In a hotel we had entrance to Sky Sports and could see it being built adult as a strife of a dual superstars. It was distinct given their particular abilities and impact on their particular nations’ results.

Personally, and we am certain some people will feel differently, nonetheless during that time, we believed Gareth offering some-more to his group than Ronaldo did to Portugal.

That is not to intermix or play down Ronaldo’s change or not see what an unimaginable actor he is and what he is able of. we could positively see that.

However, during that time, we usually felt Gareth could do all for a team. He was operative tough defensively and removing things finished in an aggressive sense, proof a genuine group player.

Ronaldo had those qualities as good nonetheless we was assured – formed on their performances in a contest – that Gareth was somewhat circumference it.

So, for me, that meant we had a unequivocally good chance.”


Unfortunately, notwithstanding Bale’s shining efforts, Ronaldo won a day for Portugal. Wales were out, a players definitely dejected… afterwards their captain spoke and spirits were now carried again.

Edwards: “Gareth was perplexing positively everything. He was entrance behind and removing a round off Wayne and usually holding it adult a representation and perplexing to make things happen. Portugal were so good during fortifying and gripping purify sheets that they stopped us playing.

As a mins petered away, we were starting to think, ‘This is it’. This is a finish of a fairytale. So near, nonetheless nonetheless so far.

It was that grey pack again! We don’t seem to have many fitness in that one, and grey was substantially how a mood felt as a diversion drifted away.

Then came a final whistle. That was it. The finish of a story. It was formidable to take in.

We went over to a fans and had a common huddle. Ash was again in a middle, and he gave us some unequivocally absolute words.

‘Don’t be disappointed,’ he began. ‘Don’t be upset. You have to suffer this moment. This is such a useful time for Welsh football and this feat will enthuse a subsequent generation. We are a ones who have combined story and nothing of us should be down or gutted.

‘Even nonetheless it is tough to take, we have reached a semi-finals of a vital contest and this isn’t a time to sulk. Enjoy a subsequent few days, make a many of it. It is a special time.’

Wales players appreciate their fans after a UEFA Euro 2016 semi-final opposite Portugal in Lyon

Wales players appreciate their fans after a UEFA Euro 2016 semi-final opposite Portugal in Lyon
(Image: PA)

It was a stirring speech. In gripping with all over a prior 6 weeks. Ash, a captain, had summed it adult ideally nonetheless again. We turned, related arms and pronounced appreciate we to a fans.

We usually didn’t wish to leave a pitch, and it looked like a fans didn’t wish to leave a stadium. Neither wanting this extraordinary tour to end.

We had left serve than any of us unequivocally expected.

Like Ash, a oldster told us to make certain we enjoyed a following few days. Don’t let it pass we by. Savour it, including a lapse to Cardiff, that we already sensed would be something of a celebration. ‘Stay together,’ he said, wanting us to share in a feat and share a moment.

Be proud. Each and each one of us.

There was copiousness of tension as a oldster spoke. No one was violation down in tears, nonetheless there were a satisfactory few lumps in throats.”


Edwards: “It took ages to get by arrivals with so many fans there to hail us. As we left a arrivals building we headed for a coach, afterwards smiled broadly as we saw that a train had been emblazoned with FAW design and a word ‘Diolch’ down a side. It was a good hold and carried a spirits even higher.

The tour from Cardiff Airport towards Cardiff Castle takes we by a few tiny villages tighten to Barry, and as we gathering by each tiny encampment there were hundreds of fans watchful for us, and a trade islands and mini-roundabouts towards a M4 had been named after opposite players: Joe Ledley , Ashley Williams, a gaffer.

How thoughtful. How special. It was a contrition that a blacked out windows of a manager meant that a people subsidy a track couldn’t see us, nonetheless we can assure them that we could see them – a flags, a banners – and unequivocally appreciated their support.

It was smashing to see. Together Stronger – never can there have been dual truer words, and that illusory subsidy not usually helped make a knowledge what it was, it gathering us to a final four.

What a summer it was. An unimaginable knowledge and, usually as a strain said, we unequivocally didn’t wish to go home.”

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