John Stones spurred on to World Cup excellence by beating of …

John Stones has described Euro 2016 as “a contest we can never get back” and pronounced a unfortunate beating of not personification a singular notation for England afterwards has spurred him on to do good during the stirring World Cup.

“I went to a contest carrying played dual warm-up games before that and we suspicion ‘I know what we can move to a team’. It was difficult,” Stones pronounced of being in Roy Hodgson’s patrol that went to France dual years ago though – like his afterwards Everton team-mate Ross Barkley – did not underline during all in any of a 4 matches that finished with a chagrin opposite Iceland.

“There’s all sorts of ways to demeanour during it,” Stones said. “I can demeanour during it and we can be disastrous about it and roughly start indicating a finger and blaming people. But we would never do that. And we have got to demeanour during it and consider ‘how can we move that knowledge into this tournament?’ Motivation-wise and meaningful how team-mates feel when they are not playing.”

Stones had also been tighten in 2014 when he lerned – and again played – with England before a World Cup during their pre-tournament stay in Florida though was not partial of a patrol that went to Brazil. “I never suspicion I’d play in a World Cup,” he said. “I’ve already pronounced that a Euros was a contest we won’t get behind so I’ve got make each event count. 

“Being a fan of England, as apparently we still am, we wanted England to do good and to see that not happen, 4 years ago when we did all a warm-up prep, even a games, in Miami etc, and to see a lads go off to Brazil and not attain was formidable for me.”

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