Jokowi Meets Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong

Jakarta. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was tenderly welcomed by some-more than 5,400 Indonesian citizens, including many migrant workers, during a rite to acquire his attainment in Hong Kong during a Asia World Expo on Sunday (30/04).

Jokowi afterwards assimilated a contention during that a migrant workers complained to their boss about several dire issues, including troubles they have encountered with a unfamiliar workers temperament cards, or KTKLN, that have prevented many of them from returning to Indonesia.

In response, Jokowi educated a conduct of a Migrant Workers Protection and Placement Agency, or BNP2TKI, to make certain any workman is purebred accurately with a agency.

“Just write down their names, where they work, don’t make things difficult. we don’t wish to hear about this problem anymore,” Jokowi pronounced during a discussion.

Jokowi and initial lady Iriana walked around a muster core to shake hands with Indonesians who came to hail them and chatted with Romlah and Iin, dual Indonesian adults vital in Hong Kong, and gave them any a bicycle — a present that a boss is now famous for — to be sent to their hometowns of Jombang and Kediri in East Java.

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