Judi Dench’s grandson was mistaken for Ed Sheeran

The thespian Dame Judi Dench has voiced her adore for Ed Sheeran  in an talk with The Lady Magazine.

The explanation came when she was reciting an version about a time her grandson, Sam, was mistaken for a ‘Castle On The Hill’ thespian by a passer-by.

Walking by Covent Garden, Dench and red-haired Sam, 19, were approached by a member of a open who asked for a photo. Dench primarily suspicion they wanted a print with her, though was afterwards told they in fact wanted a print of Sam, who they suspicion to be Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran afterwards listened about a story, and sent a content to Sam saying, “I hear we demeanour a lot like you.”

Dench afterwards told The Lady, “I mislaid my heart to Ed over that.”



Chabuddy G of Kurupt FM recently told NME that Ed Sheeran had grown a “creepy” obsession with a soil group. Earlier this year, Sheeran and Kurupt FM, stars of BBC Three uncover People Just Do Nothing, collaborated on a gift cover of ‘Shape Of You’.

Meanwhile, final month, Dame Judi Dench done an coming on James Corden’s Late Late Show, starring in a Twin Peaks themed sketch.

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