Karl Urban talks about doing Star Trek 4 but Anton Yelchin

Although a studio seemed dynamic to get a fourth film off a belligerent during first, a predestine of a authorization was left adult in a atmosphere after Star Trek Beyond unhappy during a box office. Karl Urban (Bones) was recently asked about a intensity of saying another supplement and his response was utterly touching.

Speaking with HelloGiggles while compelling Thor: Ragnarok, Urban mentioned that a film wouldn’t be a same but a late Anton Yelchin.

Anton Yelchin as Chekov

“I consider [Chris Hemsworth and I] had a review about it,” Urban said. “Obviously, we’d adore to be a partial of it if it happens. But, for me, if Star Trek: Beyond was a final Star Trek film that we get to do, afterwards I’m happy to leave it there.

“I consider it was a good note to finish it on. And certainly, it wouldn’t be a same but Anton [Yelchin], so that would be bittersweet.”

Anton Yelchin played Pavel Chekov in 3 films, starting with a 2009 reboot. He tragically died before a recover of Star Trek Beyond, that was dedicated to his memory.

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