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Raden Ajeng Kartini, popularly famous as Kartini, is one of Indonesia’s heroines. Born in Jepara, Central Java, on Apr 21, 1879, she is famous as a idol of womanlike emancipation. Indonesian executive Hanung Bramantyo brought Kartini to life in a latest biopic Kartini, which will be screened in theaters on Apr 19.

Set on Java in a early 1900s, a film starts with a immature Kartini doing a laku dodok, a Javanese tradition in that a chairman moves forward in a squatting position as a pointer of honour for elders. After that, her father asks her either she is prepared to be “Raden Ayu” (a Javanese pretension of nobleness for married women).

In ancient Javanese tradition, when a lady reaches 12 years old, she contingency follow a pingitan rule of being kept inside a residence until she’s married. Compared to her stepsister Soelastri, who obediently submits to a tradition, Kartini does not like to follow pingitan as she craves freedom.

Her life totally altered when her comparison hermit Raden Mas Panji Sosrokartono gives her a key to his sideboard where he keeps all of his books. Kartini grown a adore for books with a special seductiveness in a emanate of womanlike emancipation. Her newfound adore of reading spreads to her younger sisters Roekmini and Kardinah, who were also entering a pingitan period.

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Kartini also began to write and had an essay published in De Hollandsche Lelie magazine, nonetheless it was underneath her father’s name Raden Sosroningrat, a Jepara regent. Her zeal to mangle with tradition faced many objections from people around her, that enclosed her comparison hermit Slamet Sosroningrat, her stepmother Moerjam and her father’s colleagues. 

Hanung portrays Kartini as a companionable chairman in this film by display Kartini’s interactions with a writers of a books she reads and with friends with whom she corresponds. Actors Dian Sastrowardoyo (Kartini) and Christine Hakim (Ngasirah) brilliantly collaborated in a genuine mother-daughter chemistry. Hanung also shines a light on Kartini’s disadvantage in that she is still shabby by group around her, such as a hermit who introduces her to his books and her father. 

Kartini stars Dian Sastrowardoyo, Christine Hakim, Acha Septriasa, Ayushita, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Reza Rahadian, Denny Sumargo, Deddy Sutomo, Adinia Wirasti and Dwi Sasono. (asw)

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