Klopp Brexit shock: ‘I suspicion England had been KO’d from Euro 2016’

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol discusses Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp was so astounded by a United Kingdom’s preference to leave a European Union that when a crony initial told him a result, he suspicion they meant England had been knocked out of Euro 2016.

In a new book, On a Brink: A Modern Journey Across Football’s First Frontier, Klopp explained his startle during finding a UK’s preference while on holiday in June.

“It was final summer. we was on holiday. we woke adult in a morning,” Klopp said. “The European Championships were being played in France. We had friends in a house.

“I walked into a kitchen and someone said: ‘England is out.’ we thought: ‘Good, a boys will be behind progressing for preseason…’

“In this moment, we had lost that England did not have a game. It was a one-second reaction. Suddenly, ‘What?’ we couldn’t understand.”

The Brexit opinion saw a audience of 72.21 percent, with 51.89 percent of a audience voting to leave a EU.

The Liverpool manager added: “Of course, everybody has a right to make a preference — left or right, that’s a approach it is.

“But is 51 percent unequivocally adequate to make an critical decision, generally when usually something like 70 percent of a race voted? Why did a remaining 30 percent not vote? For me, it’s a disagreement of democracy.

“But, what we will contend also is I’m unequivocally happy to be here during this impulse of my life since we can see both sides.

“I can see that a EU has not finished a ideal pursuit though we have always suspicion if we try to do things together we are stronger. If we do it alone, I’m not certain what happens.”

Glenn is ESPN FC’s Liverpool correspondent. You can follow him on Twitter: @GlennPrice94.

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