Lessons from Success Stories

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian migrant workers’ success stories are a difference rather than a norm. Stories of 8 successful migrant workers lonesome in this book are truly heartening. Ironically, however, their success is not a fruit of well-targeted supervision policies. Otherwise, we would hear many some-more of such stories. 

Our migrant workers now estimated during 6.5 million in series have done an unusual grant to a economy. Annually, around 400,000 workers leave for adjacent Malaysia, and final year alone, they sent behind home some Rp119 trillion. This series is smaller compared to that of a Philippines that annually deploys 1.8million migrant workers, who repatriate about Rp130 trillion.

It is high time a supervision creates vicious efforts to rise this zone as one of a vital mercantile growth drivers. Remittances sent by a workers are a vicious source of unfamiliar income for a state. Hundreds of trillion of rupiah in unfamiliar currencies injected by millions of migrant workers to a state’s financial complement have contributed to a volatile economy able of weathering tellurian financial crises. 

The Manpower Ministry and a National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) should, therefore, offer all-out assistance to adults who wish to find livelihoods abroad in a midst of singular or no practice opportunities during home. A duration on chain of migrant workers is clearly not a approach to assistance them. 

But first, it is needed that a supervision safeguard sufficient training for impending workers to supply them with a required skills to promulgate and work in a unfamiliar environment. More importantly, a workers contingency entirely know their obligations and rights described in their work contracts. Their insurance should be a government’s categorical concern, given that past abroad chain of a workers have mostly been mired in problems, such as bootleg fees and request falsification. Not seldom, pursuit seekers also tumble plant to tellurian traffickers. All these unwashed practices contingency be secure out and stopped.

The supervision can start overhauling a complement by initial finalizing a rider of a migrant workman chain and insurance Law No.39/2004 that has been suspended many times. Activists ancillary migrant workers have been pulling policymakers to urge a regulations, so they are in line with a general gathering on a insurance of migrant workers’ rights. The supervision and council (DPR) need to discern that a revised law offers extensive insurance to these saviors of a economy, as they merit to be. The manpower method and BNP2TKI contingency also work together for a consequence of a workers’ interests. 

It is not too late for us to learn from a Philippines that is famous for consistently and energetically fighting for a migrant workers. Its migrant insurance agency, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, has offices in some-more than 16 countries actively aiding a uneasy adults abroad. Their regulations particularly outline that a state might send migrant workers usually if a workers’ grace and rights are guaranteed. 

Our migrant workers should not be hailed merely as ‘foreign sell heroes’. The supervision contingency severely acknowledge them by ensuring they get extensive services, generally their limit protection. Otherwise, job them heroes will be zero some-more than idle jargon. (*)

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