Malaysia Arrests 200 Undocumented Indonesian Migrant Workers

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Agency for Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI) central Teguh Hendro Cahyo pronounced that Malaysian authorities have arrested 200 undocumented Indonesian migrant workers from 1500 held in raids on unfamiliar workers.

According to him, a Malaysian supervision is carrying out large-scale raids on undocumented immigrants or unfamiliar workers from 15 countries, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc.

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Therefore, he has called on Indonesian migrant workers who do not have compulsory papers in their possession, such as pass or work permits to attend in a supposed ‘voluntary deportation’ module that has been extended to December. “Those who have cumulative their papers should move them anywhere they go in sequence to not get held during raids,” he said.

He pronounced that there are now 2.8 million documented Indonesians operative abroad and 4.5 million undocumented ones.

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He combined that East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is one of Indonesia’s tip 10 contributors of migrant workers, both documented and undocumented. “There 3000 authorised [workers] per year, and many some-more are illegal,” he said.




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