Marc Guggenheim on ‘Trollhunters’ Season 3 & Emile Hirsch as a Only Choice for Jim Lake


Over two seasons and 39 episodes to date, DreamWorks’ Trollhunters has grown from a stellar standalone array done by a imagination of Guillermo del Toro to a foundational story for a larger charcterised universe of “Tales of Arcadia.” Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has been along for a float by Arcadia and Trollmarket given a award-winning series’ commencement days, experiencing the highs of a Netflix prolongation and weathering a harmful low of losing lead voice-actor Anton Yelchin before a initial partial ever aired. It’s to both a bittersweet finale of Trollhunters correct and a further of Emile Hirsch in a lead purpose that Guggenheim spoke during a new interview.

What follows is yet a initial partial of my discuss with Guggenheim and it’s spoiler-free if you’re held adult on the Trollhunters story so far. I’ll be behind with partial dual once Season 3 front on Netflix this Friday, May 25th so we have a possibility to routine all a violent movement and emotionally charged decisions done in this final season. As a warm-up to Season 3’s attainment tomorrow, see what Guggenheim had to contend about seeing Trollhunters come to a finish and a routine of anticipating a right chairman to lift on Yelchin’s legacy.


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For viewers who are new to Trollhunters or those who are going behind to watch a initial dual seasons, what are some vital impression relations and tract elements to concentration their courtesy on before going into Season 3?

Marc Guggenheim: we would contend that it’s a fun family journey about Jim Lake and his friends who assistance strengthen a universe from immorality trolls and other creatures and forms of dim magic. In terms of what we need to know, it’s flattering simple: Going into Season 3, a vicious pieces of information are that there’s a universe underneath a city of Arcadia called Trollmarket, and Gunmar, a personality of a bad organisation of trolls called a Gumm-Gumms, has taken over, so Jim and his friends have to, ultimately, giveaway Trollmarket from a clutches of a immorality trolls.

What are some of your favorite setups from a initial dual seasons that we get to see compensate off in deteriorate three?

Guggenheim: For me, substantially one of a many sparkling things is to see Claire and Toby come into their own. In a commencement of a series, Toby’s arrange of this sidekick and Claire doesn’t even know about trolls until a small reduction than median by a initial season. By a finish of a second season, they have their possess enchanting weapons, they have their possess suits of armor–like Jim has weapons and a fit of armor–so examination a uncover develop from Jim Lake and his friends to a full-on organisation of Trollhunters, that we consider is unequivocally cold and unequivocally sparkling and it was fun to watch that happen.

Then there’s a small things like a attribute between Blinky and Jim, since Jim’s father is out of a design and Blinky fundamentally becomes this broker father-figure. Or a attribute between AAARRRGGHH!!! and Toby where these dual guys kind of demeanour out for any other and unequivocally have any other’s backs. Barbara, Jim’s mother, develops a regretful attribute with Strickler, who’s a goblin we would report as Jim’s frenemy-mentor. That’s a fun relationship.


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Very early on, we done a critical artistic preference that this uncover would be serialized. Unlike a lot of family party or children’s animation where a episodes are closed-ended, we wanted to tell a serialized, continual story. From my approach of thinking, a usually reason to do that is if we can lane a change in your characters over time. It’s not about serializing plot, it’s about serializing a lives of these characters and saying how their personalities change, and how their relations change and develop and grow. That to me is a many rewarding thing about this show, that we get a possibility to do that, and it is so unusual.

Emile Hirsch does a illusory pursuit of stepping in as Jim. What was a routine like of determining that he was right for a purpose and afterwards bringing him adult to speed?

Guggenheim: For a longest time, we only didn’t understanding with a issue; it was really, unequivocally tough for all of us—and we think, particularly, Guillermo—to come to terms with Anton’s death. We only didn’t wish to consider about it. Then, we don’t accurately remember how Emile came to us, yet we consider it competence have been a casting chairman Ania [O’Hare] who mentioned that Emile was unequivocally tighten friends with Anton and was an actor in his possess right. We suspicion maybe he competence be meddlesome in assisting finish Anton’s work, since for us, it was reduction critical to sinecure a Anton Yelchin sound-alike than it was to sinecure someone who would unequivocally know a purpose that they were stepping into, and we don’t meant a purpose in terms of casting, we meant a pursuit of completing Anton’s work. We met with Emile, we screened a initial dual episodes of Trollhunters for him. Emile could not have been some-more gentle and [was] unequivocally deliberate; he unequivocally took his time before committing. He wanted to know that he was doing a right thing.


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What’s unequivocally kind of good is, only a same approach that Anton didn’t unequivocally have any voice-acting experience, a same was loyal with Emile. Much a same approach we got to see Anton grow into a purpose of Jim, we got to see Emile do a same thing. In this unequivocally smashing approach it was like examination story repeat itself. Once we met with Emile and got a clarity of who he was as a chairman and knew how tighten he was with Anton, we never discussed anyone else. Even yet he took his time to do what was gentle for him, and a right thing for him and his loyalty with Anton, we don’t consider there was any doubt in a minds that Emile eventually would contend yes. It only done ideal clarity that Anton’s work should be finished by a crony of his, to a indicate where we stop conference Emile and we only start conference Jim Lake.

Tune in for Season 3 of Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia on Netflix Friday, May 25th, and come behind here for Part Two of a talk subsequent week!


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