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Actress and thespian Maudy Ayunda common a good news on Instagram on Monday that she has been certified to a Master of Education Program during a Harvard Graduate School of Education. She wrote that she was so happy.

A few days ago, we perceived my acceptance to Harvard University for a Masters in Education. we was so happy a brief heading would not do it justice. It felt surreal, and we was brought behind to a impulse dual years ago, when we walked a rain-splattered stairs towards John Harvard’s statue. Tourists and visitors had to line adult to constraint their impulse alongside a statue, and while watchful for my spin – we looked around during a surrounding establishment, enchanted by a intimidating aura that was Harvard. Even in a steam and rain, we was drawn to a red bricks and a guarantee of training it had to offer. we am now engulfed in a crowd of emotions. Excitement, certainly. Gratitude, definitely. But many importantly, we am reminded once again that dreams, when damaged down into petrify goals, turn practicable plans. And that tough work and joining to a vision, will reap results. See subsequent post. ❤️

A post common by Maudy Ayunda (@maudyayunda) on Mar 3, 2019 during 7:02pm PST

An hour after her post, Maudy suggested some-more good news, observant that she now faces a pleasing dilemma, as she found out that she was also supposed to Stanford’s MBA program. “[…] another large dream of cave […],” she wrote.

But a story doesn’t finish there. Currently we face a pleasing dilemma, since we also listened behind from another large dream of mine: acceptance to Stanford‘s MBA program. (Yay is an understatement!) . You gotta know – we HONESTLY didn’t consider we would get in. The acceptance rate was crazy low, and during each step of a focus we had to remind myself not to get my hopes up. It was a nearby stupidity to get in. So suppose a overjoyed startle of receiving that call from Palo Alto. The review itself was a fuzz as we mouthed “oh my god” to my parents. Lesson learned: Dreams are humorous things. The many doubtful ones can locate we off guard. Anyways… suspicion I‘d share this story with all of we – you’ve been such an constituent partial of my tour and we would like to demonstrate my thankfulness for your purpose in removing me here. Thank we for following and listening to a stories we tell. we have nonetheless to decide. we already am disposition towards one of these opportunities, though I’ll share my preference when a time comes. x Mod

A post common by Maudy Ayunda (@maudyayunda) on Mar 3, 2019 during 8:24pm PST

Maudy graduated from Oxford University in late 2016, where she enrolled for a grade in philosophy, politics and economics.

After her graduation, she continued her singing and behaving career, while also edition books and holding partial as a orator during events such as a Diaspora Convention and Supermentor 20.

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At a time of writing, Maudy has nonetheless to confirm that university she will attend. On her Instagram post, she also thanked her supporters whom she considers to be an constituent partial of her journey.

“Thank we for following and listening to a stories we tell, […] I’ll share my preference when a time comes,” she wrote. (mut)

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