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A grade from one of a world’s many prestigious universities under her belt, film roles, music, as good as being a beauty envoy and a orator for amicable movements, it seems zero can stop Maudy Ayunda. 

During a new talk with The Jakarta Post, however, a 22-year-old thespian common one of a biggest setbacks she experienced that roughly done her give adult on her dream. Maudy pronounced she roughly never done it to a University of Oxford because she listened to discouraging advice. 

Her bustling report as a thespian and thespian during her comparison year in high propagandize was met with a caution from her headmaster, who disheartened her from applying to a heading UK university.

“In my final year of high school, I gave adult on my dream,” Maudy said. She did not apply to Oxford during a time.

Despite progressing good grades that kept her on track, her headmaster was not assured she would be among a few students from her high propagandize to be supposed by the university. 

“Listening to that and kind of negativity and succumbing to the pressure, we would contend was a outrageous reversal since we usually authorised people to tell me what we couldn’t achieve,” Maudy said. 

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Nevertheless, a academically driven Maudy practical to Ivy League schools in a US, where she was supposed into Columbia University. After carrying committed to attend a propagandize in New York, Maudy motionless to postpone her studies for a year to sojourn in Jakarta and pursue her career in a party industry. 

It was usually during this time, after carrying graduated high school, Maudy gathered the bravery to apply to her dream university.

Fast brazen to a few years later, a singer-songwriter in 2016 graduated with a grade in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford and still maintains her career as a performer. 

Twenty-two-year-old Maudy Ayunda is set to recover a new album.

Twenty-two-year-old Maudy Ayunda is set to recover a new album. Twenty-two-year-old Maudy Ayunda is set to recover a new album. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

She has come into her possess and her newfound confidence, she said, is reflected in her arriving album. Maudy took a driver’s chair in her newest manuscript and for a initial time put on a producer’s helmet.  

“This time we indeed had to trust my possess instincts and find my possess certainty in dogmatic that this is what we wish to sound like,” Maudy said. 

A singular patrician “Kutunggu Kabarmu” (I’m watchful to hear from you) was expelled in Oct and hints to a new, some-more upbeat sound from a immature singer.

There is still a lot of poser surrounding the album, as Maudy is keeping silent about a recover date, usually observant it would be out possibly at end of 2017 or early subsequent year. 

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The thespian did exhibit that half of a 11 marks in a manuscript are in English. Two of a songs, she said, were a collaboration with two masculine Indonesian singers. 

“This is definitely more authentic compared to my final dual albums, though authenticity changes all a time,” she pondered, staying loyal to her philosophical background.

Putting into use what she studied, Maudy pronounced she is also set to recover a book that would be created in English. She usually described it as, “a little philosophical though also biographical”. 

In a book, she said, she shares her story, overcoming setbacks, as good as her perspectives on several issues she’s ardent about, including education and womanlike empowerment.  

She pronounced she wants to use her height as a open figure wisely and “exude positivity”. 

Maudy pronounced her relatives encouraged her to do radical things, that has instilled certainty in her choices to juggle preparation and several projects during a same time. The Jakarta-based singer-slash-actress aims at doing some-more in a future, as she is also seeking some-more behaving roles, as good as a Master’s degree. 

“I consider a biggest doctrine is substantially from my mom. She always underlines a significance of being balanced,” Maudy said. (asw)


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