MAXXI commemorates zaha hadid’s fast attribute with italy in latest exhibition

over a year after her remarkable death, zaha hadid’s bequest continues to flourish. in decoration of a famed architect, rome’s MAXXI museum is hosting ‘zaha hadid in italy’, an muster curated by a executive of MAXXI architettura margherita guccione, and woody yao, executive during zaha hadid design.

all images © musacchio and ianniello, pleasantness of fondazione MAXXI



in partnership with zaha hadid design, zaha hadid architects, and a zaha hadid foundation, a exhibition highlights a architect’s complete and fast attribute with italy. ‘zaha hadid in italy’ explores her work by a abounding and formidable representational media she employed during a march of her career: from impressive and unpractical sketches to three-dimensional models, from practical renderings to interdisciplinary studies. a collection of objects, videos, and photographs reveals hadid’s consistent pioneering and inquisitive pattern research.



an critical territory of a uncover is clinging to hadid’s italian architectural projects including the maritime depot in salerno, a messner towering museum, a citylife project in milan, and MAXXI itself. alongside these designs, some of that were elemental in a expansion of her research, other projects relate a growth and extent of her architectural thinking.



another area of a muster is dedicated to design, showcasing countless objects combined over a years for heading italian brands such as fendi, sawaya and moroni, cassina, bulgari, and magis. ‘zaha hadid in italy’ stays on arrangement until january 28, 2018.




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