Meikarta Satellite City to Attract Thousands of Multinational Companies in The Biggest Economy of South-East Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Indonesian-based property, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk, currently presented a prestigious portfolio of skill and investment opportunities, supposing by a state-of-the-art project, Meikarta Satellite City.

It will network with thousands of multinational firms, travelling from Japan to Britain and Germany, and adult to now hundreds of companies all over a universe has partnered with PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk to rise a area. In a future, scarcely 4,000 multinational companies around a creation will also occupy a hundreds of skyscrapers in a area, such as BP and Volkswagen.

“In further to Japan biggest names, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Sunco, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk will also expostulate some-more unfamiliar investors, generally from European countries,” pronounced investment manager of Meikarta. Not startling given Europe is ranked third among a vital unfamiliar investors in Indonesia during a 2010-2015 period. The tip 3 among Europe’s largest investment in Indonesia including Britain and Germany, with sum investment of scarcely US$ 3 billion, according to The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

The destiny is here today. “With a ever-increasing direct for infrastructure, Meikarta strives to broach an glorious register to assistance investors find a new home that meets their specific needs. Our commitment, privately among customers, investors, and handling partners, has led to a boost in a series of mercantile growth, as good as a highly-regarded investment end for Indonesian and tellurian investors alike,” combined branding executive of Meikarta.

Meikarta Satellite City sets a new customary for a universe city in South-East Asia, providing tip category facilities, such as:

– 250,000 units of primary residential property, 1 million sqm of open immature space, and 1,5 million sqm of primary blurb space.

– More than 200 skyscrapers with 35 to 46 floors swelling over 22 million sqm, including bureau towers, apartments, hospital, universities, and selling malls

– Monorail complement and a high-speed towering sight to bond with all industries areas in a city, as good as Jakarta-Bandung’s route.

In other words, Indonesia offers a far-reaching operation of investment opportunities, for unfamiliar and domestic investors. In 2017, emperor rating in Indonesia reached BBB- by Standard Poor with fast outlook. It means Indonesia’s credit rating lifted to investment grade, that will give Indonesia entrance to a wider investment. As a world’s fourth many populous nation after China, India, and United States, Indonesia is also home to a world’s 16th largest economy, with a sum GDP reached scarcely US$ 1 trillion dollars in 2016.

Policy-making has been simplified thereby formulating a gainful investment meridian in Indonesia.

Recently, Indonesian supervision has also launched a 16th turn of mercantile impulse measures, including process to facilitate capitulation procedures for unfamiliar investment by singular submission. Effectively practical in early 2018, it will centralize all business and import assent distribution in one building. Therefore, it will make capitulation procedures easy for unfamiliar investment in sequence to accelerate mercantile growth.

Upon completion, Meikarta Satellite City can also be approaching to assuage adult to 2 million impoverished in Jakarta, according to a Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2016. It is also a heartland of Indonesian vehicle attention with an annual prolongation of approximately 1 million cars and 10 million motorcycles. Based on stream growth trends, a Meikarta plan has a intensity to turn a new CBD within larger Jakarta and a blurb core of East Jakarta. As a result, it will significantly foster Indonesia’s mercantile growth while transforming a mercantile model.

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