Milly & Mamet: ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’ Scene-Stealers Get Own Spin-Off

In a strange movie, Mamet did not compensate most pleasantness to Milly given he was in adore with a heading lady, Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo).

“But a assembly desired it when Milly and Mamet got married in AADC 2. Many of them asked me how did a dual strike it off and what’s their life like when they’re not with a gang? So we thought, given not make a spin-off?” Mira pronounced during a press discussion during Menara by Kibar in Cikini, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (22/03).

Ernest was hired to helm a plan given Mira was tender by a films he’s finished with Starvision.

Ernest has created and destined 3 drama-comedies with Starvision: “Ngenest a Movie” in 2015, “Cek Toko Sebelah” (Check Out a Shop Next Door) in 2016 and “Susah Sinyal” (Poor Reception) final year.

“I’ve been a fan of Ernest prolonged before he became a director. we used to watch his stand-up gigs. When we saw his initial film Ngenest, we knew he’d selected a right career path. Here was a new talent, we thought,” Mira said.

She also pronounced that giving a director’s chair to someone who wasn’t concerned in any of a AADC cinema could give a arriving film a fresher look.

Ernest, who wrote a Milly Mamet book with his mother Meira Anastasia, pronounced creation a spin-off was “an engaging training experience,” generally given AADC was such a renouned franchise.

“Usually, when we write a story about a regretful couple, a hardest plea is to build a chemistry. But now, it’s already there,” Meira said.

Co-producer Parwez pronounced he expects Milly Mamet to go past AADC 2’s 3.6 million viewers.

Family or Career?

Official print of 'Milly  Mamet.' (Photo pleasantness of Starvision Plus and Miles Films) Official print of ‘Milly Mamet.’ (Photo pleasantness of Starvision Plus and Miles Films)

The film will collect adult where AADC 2 left off: Milly giving birth to a couple’s first-born baby. Now Milly has to renounce from her pursuit as a landowner to lift a baby, and Mamet binds down a 9-to-5 pursuit during a bureau owned by Milly’s father.

Enter a new impression called Alexandra, Mamet’s tighten crony in college, who tells him that she’s found an financier for a grill business that she and Mamet have always dreamed of.

Mamet is put in a connect between posterior his dream or holding caring of his family, while Milly is struggling to come to terms with being a stay-at-home mom.

Dennis pronounced he is vehement to reprise his role, generally given his nerdy impression did not get most shade time in AADC 2.

“I skip personification Mamet. Getting his possess film will give me a possibility to get to know a impression even more,” Dennis said.

Sissy pronounced personification a grown-up, obliged chronicle of Milly will be such a extreme change from removing into a strange character, who was some-more of an airhead.

“Her mind used to be always out there, now she has to concentration to take caring of a baby, it won’t be an easy job,” Sissy said.

Ernest pronounced other categorical characters from a strange AADC will cameo in Milly Mamet, though didn’t contend that ones.

Milly Mamet is still in a book growth stage. Filming is approaching to start in Aug and a final film will be expelled in December.

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