Newton Elementary Schooler Has Role in New Film

NEWTON, MA – Three years ago, a Newton proprietor landed her initial vital film purpose – during a age of 5. Now 8, Memorial-Spaulding tyro Giani Boerner will watch herself in “We Don’t Belong Here,” starring Catherine Keener, Riley Keough and a late Anton Yelchin.

Boerner plays a younger chronicle of a impression played by Keough, a member of a dysfunctional Green family. The film was filmed in Boston, according to a Newton TAB.

The film premiered Apr 4 and stars Yelchin in his final film role. Boerner and her mom recently talked acting, starring in an R-rated film and Elvis Presley, singer Keough’s real-life grandfather, in an talk with a TAB.

Read Giani Boerner’s talk with a Newton TAB.

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